Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Been missing in action lately. With my stressful job, it seems that my muse has gone on vacation. My latest creations are the botanica chunkies for AFA which I need to upload on flickr. I am rather happy with the results although the above picture does not do them justice. I am so tired and unmotivated. It has never been that bad before and now all I do daily is to wait for the afternoon so that I can go home and on Mondays I wait for Fridays. At least the bright side is that time flies. JGZ says that I am dramatizing things which I should not since I am leaving and hell.. yet I worry and worry: about money, about what I am going to do in Montreal, about hurting people's feeling and of course the incoming holidays do not make me feel any better with my social anxiety. On Monday I had to replace my supervisor at a meeting and was worrying to hell what I had to say. I even pinched myself hard so as to keep control and it was not even my turn yet! jeez *roll eyes* I need therapy.

I just ordered Keri Smith "wreck this book" and hopefully I'll get some insights. I still need to answer a LOT of mail and try to find a rainbow.