Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

My relatives don't do trick or treat so they've turn off all lights until all the kids are done ringing at doors :P As for me I went to spy on the kids from my window. I believe Halloween is one of the few events where the streets (residential ones) become alive as most of the times, kids here (speaking for where I live) seem to be confined inside. It's cute to see dads running around with their kids and the small ones are so cute. At least the weather is fine tonight. Just too bad I can't be part of the fun. I definitely need to try that when I have my own house.

Today was a long day at work but this week I'm on vacation so YAY! Tomorrow I have to go downtown to get glasses and if I'm in the mood, I'll buy some Halloween supplies/candies. I swear the best days are after a celebration when everything goes on sale because the event is over.

I'm also addicted to LUSH snow Angel's delight and wondering if it's worth stashing it. They do bring the soap every xmas. I'm just worried that I'll get bored of the scent fast and then end up with a stash of soap I don't want. I can't even finish 30 ml perfume bottle or huge bottles of shampoo because the scent bugs me after a while.

Angel's delight

I'm also in love with their Once a year massage bar. The glitter does not thrill me but the massage bar has a nice yummy vanilla spicy smell, which is perfect for sleep time in those cold winter days.
Once a year

I just finished watching Up! It's cute and I just loved the first part where they get old together :) Feeling tired. It's been a long at work but it was not as bad as during the week days so maybe I should keep my week-end shifts and switch the late night ones where I am done at 10 pm with my co-worker!

Friday, October 29, 2010

i need a cork board

I've been obsessed with a cork board for 3 days now. I miss the one I had at home and too bad I left many of my inspiration items in Mauritius due to lack of weight in my luggage. I wanted to go to walmart to buy one today but it'll have to wait tomorrow or Monday as I work this week-end. My eye is much better but no contact until it is completely healed which is annoying especially at work. So Monday i am going to my optician to order new glasses..more expenses. That's life.

I've been in a Disney mood and is currently downloading Up, Monster Inc amongst others. The night before I was listening to the Titanic soundtrack and it hit me how the movie is 10 years old. Where has time gone? I was still in high school and was an MIRC fiend. People no longer know about MIRC nowadays since most are on facebook/msn. It has gone underground. There're still channels but mainly for file sharing it seems to me but I could be wrong as I've not been on these for a looong time. Did not do much today, saw the optometrist, cooked (real food at last although it was nothing like mom's cooking) and did laundry. I still have to put drops in my eyes until the dropper is empty.

I've been neglecting myself lately, binging on food and eating until I feel full and sick. There's no enjoyment in eating. Hopefully I'll get back some of my joie de vivre if I go to Montreal? Mississauga is such a boring place and Toronto is ok. I want to get out of there. If I go to Montreal I'll use this moment to get some nice pictures of old buildings etc although I am not raising my expectation too much because I tend to end up disappointed.

I need a break, a break from my mental turmoil and be in a place where people are more alive than just eat, watch tv, go out and that's it. It's like being with zombies.

Monday, October 25, 2010

eye infection

I am skipping work tomorrow. I have an eye infection that started at 3pm today and silly me did not want to leave work early because they count it as a sick even if you've only two hours left to wrap the day. I removed my eye contact and thought the pain would go away but no such luck: left eye is red, feel painful as if I've cried. I guess I'll have to go to a walk-in clinic in the morning as I'll need a medical note. I tried putting some eye droplets but ended making my left eye burn!!

Jeez I hope it won't stop me from enjoying my two days off. I need a break and I have stuffs to do. It's not time to fall sick or what not :/

Today I was having a convo with some collegue from another section and he told me how here life during the week is :work, eat and sleep. He is so right. I was telling him how I am clueless about my time because I still travel 1 hour as I did back in Mauritius and yet here I've no time to breathe nor relax. What's wrong???? Back home I was making art almost every afternoon unless tired and in the week-ends. Here I've no week-ends due to shifts but does not feel inspired. All I do is stare blankly at my Mac screen and even books have lost their appeal..That's so wrong. I need to go back on track!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


It has been a foggy day and I hate working week-ends. Why? because it's dead and I need to find ways to keep myself busy. Today I took two books to work but stopped reading since the phone would ring just when I was the most concentrated. I spent the day reading google news-I must have refreshed the page like 10 times. I had a few crappy calls with someone telling me that I am not listening to him and if I speak english. I found that the most common nasty remarks you'll get from callers if you've an accent is "do you understand english." The first time I did get his name wrong but the second time, I spelled it for him and he told me ok but I still could not find him on the system. In addition that moron did not have any reference number. Working with the public makes me want to hate humanity.

Shifts work is tiring as well and I've not had anything done in ages. I need a time planner. It's weird. Everyday I feel rushed, out of breath and I don't know where time goes. Back home I did travel as much but I never felt the pressure I am going through here :/ It's like having no time to relax even when I am not working. I guess it signals the need to step back and smell the flowers instead of worrying for nothing?? I guess I spend too much time on the pc as well. Back home I would use my free time to do art, to play with my dogs or watch my fishes instead of wasting time online.

I've been reading some personal finance blog and I've decided to jump in the bandwagon, to seriously keep track of my spendings. More than often I am unable to know why despite earning around 2k monthly, I am still broke or unable to save. This must stop especially if I want to go to PARIS next year or have emergency funds (which is currently nil). Not spending will be hard because it's therapy but I guess the point is not to stop altogether but decrease the amount I spend on what I want versus what I need.

I'm also de-cluttering and what drive me nuts are items I bought because I thought I would use them but in the end did. So off went my earphones paid 100 cnd-they don;t fit my ears- but sold for 66 cnd, books and soon my Mac keyboard..I've been using the laptop more so I find no use in keeping the keyboard :/ I am too much of an impulse buyer.

Monday, October 11, 2010


So i am broke for the rest of the 2 weeks. I finally got my hearing aid: Alera resound . This baby costed quite a bit and now I am in the adaptation period. It feels weird because sometimes I feel like I am listening to the radio and some sounds just "magically" appear here and there. The plus is that I can finally understand conversation people are having in the bus/subway (before i could hear them but not understand), don't need to put the volume too high when watching stuffs on my computer and I am more aware of noises I never really paid any attention to. It's like moving from a muffled world to a clearer one. My only worry is work. I tried working on the head set with the hearing aids on but it's not too compatible. I guess I'll have to tell my employer about my disability :/ It makes me anxious to think about that..

The minus is that the world is TOO loud. I had the aids on when I went to take the bus and downtown and I was like OMG. I had a migraine. How can people live with SO much noise around them especially in shops..The music is literally blaring from the sound speakers. My audiologist did warn me she adjusted the sound level a bit high and she could lower it but I chose to keep it that way. She also warned me that some sounds would appear really loud and weird until my brain adjusts itself. Despite the migraine, my first days wearing the hearing aids were like rediscovering the world..I swear..You never know what you've been missing until you re-get it.I am sad though because I will be missing the Creepy Classics at the TSO. I have to work on that day and could not switch my shift with anyone. If I am sick, I need a med note and where to get one on a Sunday *roll eyes* I'm selling my ticket on craiglist hoping that someone'll buy it. The crappy part with working shifts is that you can't book events in advance. I was lucky that the dalai lama speech fell on a day I was off. What annoys me is that the week after creepy classics, my vacation starts! If I had know I would have put the 31st as off as well. That'll teach me :[

Fall is there

I've been wondering about selling on etsy lately. It's still an idea and could be handy in generating extra cash. I'm not really thinking of making a business out of it, just something to earn some money on the side.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's been a tiring week. My body hates starting work late. We were to give our preferred shift times and unfortunately 90% people requested 6-9 am shifts..hahahaha I'm tired at the thought of what await me tomorrow: audiologist appointment at 9 am then rush to work from 12-20...I used to think that starting work late would be an advantage since I could have my morning to do stuffs but it's tiring. I also cringe at the cost I will incur for my hearing aids..that's life and I am off to ebay to sell stuffs..for once i am not buying *roll eyes*

thanks god tomorrow is friday and i am not working during the week-end nor monday..alleluia!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


art by PBsArtStudio

I've decided to start collecting art prints or originals from etsy. My first purchase is the picture above. I'm a sucker for anything with robin egg colour in it and the facial features are so nice. There's another painting from her I want to but but it'll depend on my budget. I'm getting paid this Thursday and hope to be able to afford a new illustration from etsy each 2 weeks. I need to surround myself with art, and I can always keep them for display once I move out. I already have something in mind, like hanging them on a cloth line with cloth pin. It looks so cute.

This week is heavy. I work from 10-18 everyday except for friday where i asked 12-20 since I have to see my audiologist in the morning. i am getting my hearing aids, which mean more expenses. :/ I'm getting used to my job, there are good and bad days but I can improve and will do what I can for such. I need to persist, to push away the bad thoughts, to accept I am not perfect but there's room for improvement. Everyday is a learning experience and right now I need experience than wallow in self pity because it's something I don't like etc.. At least getting used to it makes things easier and I can gain some other skills I would not have in easier jobs so I am crossing fingers!

This week-end is a long week-end with Thanks giving and I don't have to work..Yay I worked last week-end and it was ok but well I'll get used to it. Thanks god the human body has adaptation capabilities and that listening to dale Carnagie/Robin Sharma/Tuesdays with Morrie/Buddhism helps me improve.

I'm now hooked to audio books, me who thought they were just not for me..