Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've been hearing this song in several shops in the mall. I could not find the version I heard which was sung by a woman. cute song but hey who wants to think about their exes in this holiday season? My ever favourite is still Have yourself a little christmas by frank sinatra..For some reason it makes me nostalgic and makes me think of snow falling quietly outside while you're inside sipping a warm coffee or walking.

I'm tired and will have to work for the holidays, which does not really bug me as I've no one to celebrate with anyway. It's just the winter season is CRAZY when it comes to calls, as everyone then are changing their plans or rescheduling due to snow storms..ick oh well at least time flies? hehehe

My co-worker has a daughter who likes to include love notes in her lunch. last time she was showing me how her daughter wrote "mom i wandered what are you getting me for my birthday?". her birthday is the 24th dec and it was so sweet to read her note. My co worker was saying how she's getting her daughter a scooter for her bday and a piano for christmas and that she-my collegue- can't wait to see her daughter's face as she knows she's dying to get a scooter. aaawwww soo sweet. Christmas is really for kids. My colleague is the same age as me, well 1 year older and already has two kids (6 and 4). Sometimes I wonder how different is it to live for someone. I mean once you form a family and have kids, the meaning of your life changes as then you invest yourself in your kids' future. I guess it's a new meaning to the verb to love?

babies and kids are cute: they smell good, make you smile, cheer up your day with their innocent remarks and spontaneous reactions, they don't calculate and are just themselves unlike us adults. Still their cuteness won't convince me to have one of my own like i was telling my co-worker. i just can't imagine carrying one for nine month although it must be quite an "experience" to be pregnant and give life ..i guess that's why so many people feel that giving birth is almost like a miracle :)

anyway i 'm off to bed. i broke the bank today and well..i have such a weak will power infront of 50% off sales :/

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm so not going to the mall until the holiday crowd is over. I did on Saturday and it was ho-rri-ble. Amidst the blaring music, the shrieking kids and overall pushing and pressing of the crowd, I felt something close to despair..LOL The salvation army also had an orchestra playing music but it only added to the noise. There was also the SA representative with her jingle bells instead of their big bell. There was recently a huge debate in the news about the banning the use of bell by the salvation army in the mall. I swear if they started using the bell, it would make no difference in the noise level I witnessed on Saturday. I wonder if people don't become deaf by the music from the different stores.

It seems that my senses have become more sensitive lately: I avoid malls cosmetic counters-asthma people beware especially of the perfume areas- and stinky stores like bath and body works. I still drop at LUSH but only if necessary. I'm trying to get into the holiday mood but it's not working. I'm glad we had snow despite the freezing temperature but what I am looking forward is not a blizzard but walking at night and watch snow falls quietly under the warmth of the street lights. There's something peaceful about that and Queen Parks always come fondly to my mind:walking back home-NWycik- late at night in the park, my first year at university where there were frozen icicles on the tree next to my dorm window and depending on the light, it looked like diamonds shining.

I love christmas but quiet ones and I love discovering the shapes of snow flakes that stick to my coat. Give me more snow people!

It does not bug me but i feel weird to be amongst the few who're not celebrating christmas at work since none of my family is there. Even if there's no presents giving, we have a dinner or something but well that's life.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

random thoughts

So we are done with moving and I've like 5% left to unpack. I still don't have a bed, I'm sleeping on a fold out be don the floor but it's not working for my back/neck. I'll take my brother's bed as he's leaving for Mauritius tomorrow. So far no tv, no furnitures in the living room and I quite like it that way until my cousin comes and brings all her furnitures and stuffs. She brought her kitchenwares for us to use and it made me realize how easy it is to overdo it..She has like zillion of pots and pans for one person. easily 15 pots and pans, and many more dishes. I unpacked only some of her boxes so I could use her items. But jeezz..that many. I realize that I don't want to carry around that many of one item. In uni I had a frying pan, 2 higher rim pan and a chinese wok and pressure cooker. At most I think I'll get 2 frying pans of different sizes but 15 cooking pots/pans..gosh NO WAY especially that I am not a great cook.

The song "The way you are" has been running in my head since I heard it on Glee. Thanks glee for making me discover cute songs. Bruno Mars is a cutie and I love the way he looks at the girl although I found her overdone with makeup for the lyrics of the songs. It reminds me of JGZ. It's sad how it's only when people say/sing it that I realize I had it all the way, like what you never enjoy what you have until you realize it from someone else perspective. I miss him.

I love my apartment. I need to take pictures-it's very empty and the view from our balcony. We see many lights at night and on the East side I can see Toronto-woohoo. It feels waaaaaaaaay better than where I was and living in a condo makes you feel less alone. I'm just sad my brother is leaving tomorrow. Now I need to get doing some art. It's been a tiring week and the cherry on the cake was my time of the month with its cramps. Now I've a sprained knee, low back pains thanks to moving and running around by missing buses

well..let's enjoy life what else can I say?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My brother says I talk too much and tire him. I was telling him about moving and the new internet. He called the provider and said how he'll like to have cable installed. he did not specify when: the company has to call him on the eve or the same day morning to say when they're coming . How stupid is that? So if the company calls and says they're coming in 10 mins? or what if they don't call you until 3 weeks later. My brother is like whether I think these guys are stupid and of course they'll come as soon as they can. Really? You must be kidding me if any company still has this kind of service nowadays where you'll be first come first serve. Not telling them a date means you're not in a hurry plus he did not ask when they're mailing the modem. he assumes it'll be this week. I asked him to call back tomorrow and ask when the modem is being mailed and if they can drop by this week-end or next week between x time. *roll eyes*

Moving is tedious. I spent the week packing when I could and what has him been doing? Playing games during the week-end while I was working. I asked him to move some packages for me as I was not there to do so; I come home to find him in bed with the duvet and playing games on his laptop. He has moved only one suitcase..the whole day. He has things in the basement, has no idea what/where they are and does not even care to look for them. Well that's his own problem. I do have more stuffs than him but I'm not going to do double work..Guys are such morons. He's never in a hurry, waits until the last moment and then the unexpected arise and he needs to scramble around..I swear..I could never live with someone like that. I still wonder what his gf finds in him..Jeezzz

Monday, November 29, 2010


why do i feel that time is slipping through my fingers?? like there is no time to breathe, stop and smell the flowers? like i am not grasping anything

the woes of moving

Moving is proving itself to be tedious and expensive :/ So far I am 70% done. Moving out made me realize how much junk I have and I'll spend the incoming week-end putting some order in my stuffs and this wednesday will be a tiring day for moving around things. I was planning to go to ikea and buy a vika desk for 59 cnd and two 2x2 expedit bookcases/39 each. In the end I am getting the expedit desk 70 cnd with one 2x2 case 39 cnd, and get an old book case from my aunt. I'll just have to repaint it. My desk will look like the one below in dark brown and with 4 cubes space:

I am going to paste a cavaledi (spelling?) vintage map on the desk, cover it with shellac to spice up the look of the desk. Ikeahack is definitely a great place to feel inspired as well as design sponge. I can't wait to get started on this project. I'll buy a chair and mattress later as it'll be too expensive to buy everything at once. I'll borrow my cousins futon to sleep on. Another idea stuck in my head is to make a patchwork wall paper next to my bed/on closet doors to give some colours as I can't repaint my room walls as the apartment has been recently renovated. No pets allowed as well..A pet makes such a difference in a home.

I love diy and wished I was more skilled with my hands and do carpentry/sewing/knitting. It looks like fun to be able to alter your furnitures or improve them. I also think so far the best home decor are scandivian or swedish/finnish, from what I have seen so far. Houses have a more personal touch than the american ones where you get mass produced furnitures or look alike styles.

The good side where I am moving is that there is an ethnic supermarket right across the street. Hopefully its prices will be as competitive as those in the Chinese stores which will avoid me to have to do a longer trip. I need my asian food as well!

Work is exhausting and I am becoming more self conscious and obsessive. I always used to think working in a contact centre was easy but now I realize it is not especially if you are on an ER line, and struggling to understand and be understood. Each time a caller does not understand me, I feel very self conscious as if something is wrong with my english or if I miss information it sucks even more. I know I pronounce some words differently and I am working on some issues but I'm always worried that I am not at the required level. The lack of feedback worries me as well. I think too much as a co worker pointed out and the key to surviving in this job is not to take things personally whether from colleagues or callers. I need to stop focusing on myself and ditched my insecurity.

It sucks to work shifts though. I do 2 week-end on four which is fair however I am losing track of time..It feels weird as I no longer know which day is which and doping myself on caffeine..Needless to say my skin is becoming worse esp now with winter.

I will survive, I have too since now I am renting :( i also failed at my fastfood ban..will need to be serious about it once I move out and the grocery store is within walking distance unlike here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

cartes sur table

Following blogs like give me back my five bucks and the everyday minimalist motivates me to be more savvy and organized. I hope it is not a fad of mine. yesterday I decided to be honest with myself and my skin care clutter. I counted-all used:

-5 opened shampoo bottles (i use them according to my moods, some more than others or not at all) +2 conditioners
-5-6 face masks (it was 8..2 i'm done using, they were lush fresh face mask)
-5 face creams
-4 face cleansers
-1 exfoliant and my expensive clarisonic brush that I have not used for 3 weeks now..
-3 different soaps
-4 kind of skin oil: argan, camellia, jojoba, ylang ylang in a base oil
-1 concealer undereye
-1 eye cream
-8 lips balm
-4 acne fighting cream
-3 toners but i am using only one
-4 body creams
-4 lush massage bars which i use as body moisturisers/creams

I will spare you the numbers for my perfume-which i no longer wear as much-, and lip glosses.

It made me wonder if I am really ONE entity. For sure I am on my quest for the holy grail skin care that will help me for my oily-break out prone skin but do I even need that MANY skin care products. Lately I've been trying the oil cleansing method . I switched sunflower oil for jojoba and noted an improvement and then suddenly my blackhead came back. I guess it's due to stress and lack of sleep. I've been trying to put the least amount of shit on my face

am: jojoba oil+nuxe anti-perfections cream to mattify+concealer
pm: face oil (any of the above) with neem/tea tree oil alternated with lancome blanc expert face cream (crossing fingers it'll help lighten my past acne scars)
treatment: mario badescu drying cream (love it!!), buffering lotion, lush tea tree toner, bp sometimes

what has been gathering dust and I feel guilty about: decleor ylang ylang baume de nuit, mario badescu buttermilk moisturiser, oil of olay classic (from uk and much better than its american counterpart-mine is 80% used), lancome blanc expert line travel size set, nuxe exfoliating cream, epidermx ii, fruit and passion carrot body cream, dreamcream from lush, body shop blueberries body cream and god knows..and believe me these products are not cheap>20 cnd each except for the oil of olay.

I don't know what to do with all that skin care. I've made a simple rule which is to buy only when finished instead of stocking over as from now and it helps me use my shampoo and not buy any until the bottle is f*cking empty!! I used to stock on stuffs I like and then along the way, my taste changed or I got bored of the scent and ended up with things I am not using. Being an impulsive shopper is terrible for the wallet.

At least with us renting I'll be forced to control my expenses. Like my parents and Jguy said, I've no notion of the value of money because I spend it as I want and live on my paycheck..Time to grow up now and save since the place we'll be renting + transport will eat up 1/2 of my monthly paycheck :/ i want to cry but at least i'll buy when i need than want and then end up having to find ways to get rid of my clutter..Even selling is hard nowadays :/

I want to do as Give me back my five bucks: list all my expenses but then I feel so exposed doing that..Maybe the guilt will help me control my purchases impulse esp that I'm an emotional buyer *face palm

Saturday, November 20, 2010

condo hunting

We went visiting condos today and unfortunately did not find one that suit all three of us. My cousin needs one with a locker as apparently the one in her current condo is full..which left me wondering. Me and my brother have stuffs too so she better gives us some space in the locker..the woes of sharing. I'm tired and started packing. I came to the conclusion that I have too many books..Selling is such a pain especially in a time where people are not buying :/

Just cleaned the bathroom and it made me realize how much chemicals we use. I am picky and most probably not the best room mate to have around if you're more relaxed. When I get nervous I can vacuum everyday and carpet floor make me more nervous. I hate carpet with passion esp since living in a house full of it and where people don't clean regularly. carpet should be the home owner worse nightmare: it collects stains, dust, mites, and is not water-cleaning friendly. Just to see the thick layer of dust in a room supposedly closed (hence less exposed to outside dust) makes me shiver. I wonder if it's not those home full of carpets and closed windows that result in so many Canadians suffering from allergies because they breathe in and out air full of fibers, dust mites, house hold cleaners chemicals etc.. as air does not circulate in houses where windows are rarely opened. In summer, the house is closed with air con and in winter for the heater :O

Gap also had sales today and the line up took the whole store. I'm returning two sweatshirts tomorrow as one is tight and the other the colour does not look good on me. My wardrobe has become monochrome..It's full of shades of gray and brown. I'm still an earth colour person but it seems I've become fond of gray lately *shrug*

More condos visit planned for the 4th December. Let's cross fingers we get something fast and move in by beginning of Jan!

condo hunting: It's a real pain in the ass...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I've been cruising craig list and kijii lately to look for furnitures. At worse I'll have to buy BN from ikea. My mattress will definitely be BN as there's no way I'm going to sleep on a used mattress esp with all those news about bed bugs etc. So my main priority is a twin bed frame and mattress. I'll see later for a desk. We'll start visiting condos this week-end and move out by 01/15/2010 due to my shifts. Let's cross fingers.

I'm bracing myself for tonight. I work up to 22:00 and I usually come home at 23:15. Now the smarty pants I am, traded my 14:00 shift with my colleague for 7am on Friday..which means I have to leave the house at 5:30 am...Oh C you're so SMART. I'll have barely 6 hours of sleep ...I did not realise that until I made the request. I usually prefer day shifts because you get more calls and time flies. I'm amongst those who need to keep doing stuffs in order to be happy..watching time goes by bores me. My aunt says it's up to me to find things to do but how much can you entertain yourself when it's a dead day? Yesterday was CRAZY and I was like yipiieeeee as usually it's slower during afternoon and night hours..For once I did not see time pass by. Let's hope it'll be the same today.

This week-end I'm listing all my books on kijii as shipping cost too much. If it's not selling by the time I move out, everything will go to the Salvation Army. I need to declutter as I won't have space to bring all my current and uni stuffs to the condo. I guess I;ll even have to sell for low prices..Better a few dollars than none..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


going on a 1 month fast food ban. i'm eating too much sodium,sugar and fat..not to mention it costs more..

need to do pilates..back pain is starting to kill me and no way am i going to see the chiro..too expensive

moving out date goal: 01/30/2011

a good excuse to clean up and declutter

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The night sky in Mississauga is too full of planes- I choose to believe that they are stars...

the last dandelions of the season

Do you call that the winter blues? I miss Montreal-roaming in the streets without any destination in mind like a bohemian, feeling the crowd, tasting the different atmosphere. Mississauga is too sad, maybe that's why I try to spend as much time as I can outside although winter does not help. I need to feel the flow of the city, its heartbeat, the crowd. It makes me feel less lonely. If things work out, we are moving out in Feb. Let's cross fingers, I need change.

Being human is a weird thing, we are rarely satisfied with what we have, one funny example is how people I know from Montreal wants to move to Toronto, while some in Toronto like me, want to move to Montreal. If there was a city with the culture/history of Montreal but the money/modernity of Toronto it would have been perfect..Maybe Paris is the city for me :P An amalgam of the old and new "ou chaque rue nous reserve des surprises".

Winter is there..Each morning houses are "dusted" with snow and a few days ago, the frost killed a few plants. I can't wait for the first snow fall. Then I'll rush outside in my black coat and take pictures of snow flakes against the dark fabric hoping to see at least one whole flake.

snow on the roof

Snow brings back fond and sad memories: My first year on university residence at Annsley where I was gazing at the icicles on the naked tree outside my window. At one point, they shone like diamonds. There was a squirrel nest on the same tree inhabited by mama and papa squirrel. The sound my my boots crushing the snow in Queen Park as I went back to my apartment. The warmth of the yellow streetlight as snow fell and the quietness of the park. I miss that. I do hope we have a bad winter because I want snow. hah!

I've been feeling nostalgic and lonely lately. Call that winter blues and an overdose of watching old disney movies...I want to cuddle in a sofa with some warm coffee and watch snow fall outside. I also want to have a nice conversation with interesting people.

la vie continue


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Going back to Toronto

Yesterday we had a great weather in Montreal..great compared to the past days and I managed to go to L'Oratoire de St Joseph, and stroll on Ste Catherine street. I also had dinner at R place and they're such amazing people. I love R, she's like oxygen: a few minutes in her company, you're like someone who got a "Don't worry Be happy" injection. Seriously she's one of those people who make a difference in a crowd, in the world.Thanks R!

I left around 12:15 although I wanted to to stay longer and talk more. Time in good company flies..too fast! It was really nice to listen to her and simon and it made me think of the convos I used to have with W back in University. We used to chat and chat until 3 am about everything and nothing. It's so rare that I have an interesting conversation with a human being nowadays.

I miss all that. I understand times goes on on, people move on and I do miss the good times including my good friends back home like J.

Friday, November 5, 2010


More rain! In the end, I came to Montreal to go back with a carry on full of books! I went to the Salvation Army on Rue Notre Dame and wow, this salvation army store reduces the ones in Toronto to shame.It's huge. I managed to find a few french books from the 1937-literature books which my mother used to study in highschool- good enough to be altered. 5 books came to 5 dollars! So cheap considering that the store in Toronto charges 2.99 for hard covers whether its old or new. The store was full of other junk and they had dial phones but only in cream-no funky colours :/ I wanted to buy some webster encyclopaedias as well but could not carry them. Already my feet were hurting me when walking :/ Dr Martens with 14 eyelets: no good for long walks. I should have brought my reebok but reebok in winter :/

I want to go back to the Salvation Army again!

I also went to this cute store Le Presbeytere and bought a cute towel hanger, vintage look with porcelain at the end-perfect for a vintage looking bathroom. Really cute!!! and a dish towel. Expensive but so cutteee. The owner was how everything is imported from France. It's such a cute shop, makes me think of the times of Marcel Pagnol where they had washing bin and jugs in the bathroom. I also saw a lamp made from a milk tin pail but how to carry! That was in an antique shop. So cute...

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So I am in Montreal and guess what? The weather sucks..Well I was not expecting more since it is in November. I say sucks because according to the weather report, it'll be sunny on Sunday and guess where I'll be on Sunday? In the bus on the way BACK to Toronto. hah else the bus ride was ok so I guess I'll take the bus from now on, cheaper and asa comfortable as the train despite a longer ride. I do hope to max those three days to see around and test the ground before deciding whether I should live there in the future. It should be fun.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

My relatives don't do trick or treat so they've turn off all lights until all the kids are done ringing at doors :P As for me I went to spy on the kids from my window. I believe Halloween is one of the few events where the streets (residential ones) become alive as most of the times, kids here (speaking for where I live) seem to be confined inside. It's cute to see dads running around with their kids and the small ones are so cute. At least the weather is fine tonight. Just too bad I can't be part of the fun. I definitely need to try that when I have my own house.

Today was a long day at work but this week I'm on vacation so YAY! Tomorrow I have to go downtown to get glasses and if I'm in the mood, I'll buy some Halloween supplies/candies. I swear the best days are after a celebration when everything goes on sale because the event is over.

I'm also addicted to LUSH snow Angel's delight and wondering if it's worth stashing it. They do bring the soap every xmas. I'm just worried that I'll get bored of the scent fast and then end up with a stash of soap I don't want. I can't even finish 30 ml perfume bottle or huge bottles of shampoo because the scent bugs me after a while.

Angel's delight

I'm also in love with their Once a year massage bar. The glitter does not thrill me but the massage bar has a nice yummy vanilla spicy smell, which is perfect for sleep time in those cold winter days.
Once a year

I just finished watching Up! It's cute and I just loved the first part where they get old together :) Feeling tired. It's been a long at work but it was not as bad as during the week days so maybe I should keep my week-end shifts and switch the late night ones where I am done at 10 pm with my co-worker!

Friday, October 29, 2010

i need a cork board

I've been obsessed with a cork board for 3 days now. I miss the one I had at home and too bad I left many of my inspiration items in Mauritius due to lack of weight in my luggage. I wanted to go to walmart to buy one today but it'll have to wait tomorrow or Monday as I work this week-end. My eye is much better but no contact until it is completely healed which is annoying especially at work. So Monday i am going to my optician to order new glasses..more expenses. That's life.

I've been in a Disney mood and is currently downloading Up, Monster Inc amongst others. The night before I was listening to the Titanic soundtrack and it hit me how the movie is 10 years old. Where has time gone? I was still in high school and was an MIRC fiend. People no longer know about MIRC nowadays since most are on facebook/msn. It has gone underground. There're still channels but mainly for file sharing it seems to me but I could be wrong as I've not been on these for a looong time. Did not do much today, saw the optometrist, cooked (real food at last although it was nothing like mom's cooking) and did laundry. I still have to put drops in my eyes until the dropper is empty.

I've been neglecting myself lately, binging on food and eating until I feel full and sick. There's no enjoyment in eating. Hopefully I'll get back some of my joie de vivre if I go to Montreal? Mississauga is such a boring place and Toronto is ok. I want to get out of there. If I go to Montreal I'll use this moment to get some nice pictures of old buildings etc although I am not raising my expectation too much because I tend to end up disappointed.

I need a break, a break from my mental turmoil and be in a place where people are more alive than just eat, watch tv, go out and that's it. It's like being with zombies.

Monday, October 25, 2010

eye infection

I am skipping work tomorrow. I have an eye infection that started at 3pm today and silly me did not want to leave work early because they count it as a sick even if you've only two hours left to wrap the day. I removed my eye contact and thought the pain would go away but no such luck: left eye is red, feel painful as if I've cried. I guess I'll have to go to a walk-in clinic in the morning as I'll need a medical note. I tried putting some eye droplets but ended making my left eye burn!!

Jeez I hope it won't stop me from enjoying my two days off. I need a break and I have stuffs to do. It's not time to fall sick or what not :/

Today I was having a convo with some collegue from another section and he told me how here life during the week is :work, eat and sleep. He is so right. I was telling him how I am clueless about my time because I still travel 1 hour as I did back in Mauritius and yet here I've no time to breathe nor relax. What's wrong???? Back home I was making art almost every afternoon unless tired and in the week-ends. Here I've no week-ends due to shifts but does not feel inspired. All I do is stare blankly at my Mac screen and even books have lost their appeal..That's so wrong. I need to go back on track!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


It has been a foggy day and I hate working week-ends. Why? because it's dead and I need to find ways to keep myself busy. Today I took two books to work but stopped reading since the phone would ring just when I was the most concentrated. I spent the day reading google news-I must have refreshed the page like 10 times. I had a few crappy calls with someone telling me that I am not listening to him and if I speak english. I found that the most common nasty remarks you'll get from callers if you've an accent is "do you understand english." The first time I did get his name wrong but the second time, I spelled it for him and he told me ok but I still could not find him on the system. In addition that moron did not have any reference number. Working with the public makes me want to hate humanity.

Shifts work is tiring as well and I've not had anything done in ages. I need a time planner. It's weird. Everyday I feel rushed, out of breath and I don't know where time goes. Back home I did travel as much but I never felt the pressure I am going through here :/ It's like having no time to relax even when I am not working. I guess it signals the need to step back and smell the flowers instead of worrying for nothing?? I guess I spend too much time on the pc as well. Back home I would use my free time to do art, to play with my dogs or watch my fishes instead of wasting time online.

I've been reading some personal finance blog and I've decided to jump in the bandwagon, to seriously keep track of my spendings. More than often I am unable to know why despite earning around 2k monthly, I am still broke or unable to save. This must stop especially if I want to go to PARIS next year or have emergency funds (which is currently nil). Not spending will be hard because it's therapy but I guess the point is not to stop altogether but decrease the amount I spend on what I want versus what I need.

I'm also de-cluttering and what drive me nuts are items I bought because I thought I would use them but in the end did. So off went my earphones paid 100 cnd-they don;t fit my ears- but sold for 66 cnd, books and soon my Mac keyboard..I've been using the laptop more so I find no use in keeping the keyboard :/ I am too much of an impulse buyer.

Monday, October 11, 2010


So i am broke for the rest of the 2 weeks. I finally got my hearing aid: Alera resound . This baby costed quite a bit and now I am in the adaptation period. It feels weird because sometimes I feel like I am listening to the radio and some sounds just "magically" appear here and there. The plus is that I can finally understand conversation people are having in the bus/subway (before i could hear them but not understand), don't need to put the volume too high when watching stuffs on my computer and I am more aware of noises I never really paid any attention to. It's like moving from a muffled world to a clearer one. My only worry is work. I tried working on the head set with the hearing aids on but it's not too compatible. I guess I'll have to tell my employer about my disability :/ It makes me anxious to think about that..

The minus is that the world is TOO loud. I had the aids on when I went to take the bus and downtown and I was like OMG. I had a migraine. How can people live with SO much noise around them especially in shops..The music is literally blaring from the sound speakers. My audiologist did warn me she adjusted the sound level a bit high and she could lower it but I chose to keep it that way. She also warned me that some sounds would appear really loud and weird until my brain adjusts itself. Despite the migraine, my first days wearing the hearing aids were like rediscovering the world..I swear..You never know what you've been missing until you re-get it.I am sad though because I will be missing the Creepy Classics at the TSO. I have to work on that day and could not switch my shift with anyone. If I am sick, I need a med note and where to get one on a Sunday *roll eyes* I'm selling my ticket on craiglist hoping that someone'll buy it. The crappy part with working shifts is that you can't book events in advance. I was lucky that the dalai lama speech fell on a day I was off. What annoys me is that the week after creepy classics, my vacation starts! If I had know I would have put the 31st as off as well. That'll teach me :[

Fall is there

I've been wondering about selling on etsy lately. It's still an idea and could be handy in generating extra cash. I'm not really thinking of making a business out of it, just something to earn some money on the side.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's been a tiring week. My body hates starting work late. We were to give our preferred shift times and unfortunately 90% people requested 6-9 am shifts..hahahaha I'm tired at the thought of what await me tomorrow: audiologist appointment at 9 am then rush to work from 12-20...I used to think that starting work late would be an advantage since I could have my morning to do stuffs but it's tiring. I also cringe at the cost I will incur for my hearing aids..that's life and I am off to ebay to sell stuffs..for once i am not buying *roll eyes*

thanks god tomorrow is friday and i am not working during the week-end nor monday..alleluia!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


art by PBsArtStudio

I've decided to start collecting art prints or originals from etsy. My first purchase is the picture above. I'm a sucker for anything with robin egg colour in it and the facial features are so nice. There's another painting from her I want to but but it'll depend on my budget. I'm getting paid this Thursday and hope to be able to afford a new illustration from etsy each 2 weeks. I need to surround myself with art, and I can always keep them for display once I move out. I already have something in mind, like hanging them on a cloth line with cloth pin. It looks so cute.

This week is heavy. I work from 10-18 everyday except for friday where i asked 12-20 since I have to see my audiologist in the morning. i am getting my hearing aids, which mean more expenses. :/ I'm getting used to my job, there are good and bad days but I can improve and will do what I can for such. I need to persist, to push away the bad thoughts, to accept I am not perfect but there's room for improvement. Everyday is a learning experience and right now I need experience than wallow in self pity because it's something I don't like etc.. At least getting used to it makes things easier and I can gain some other skills I would not have in easier jobs so I am crossing fingers!

This week-end is a long week-end with Thanks giving and I don't have to work..Yay I worked last week-end and it was ok but well I'll get used to it. Thanks god the human body has adaptation capabilities and that listening to dale Carnagie/Robin Sharma/Tuesdays with Morrie/Buddhism helps me improve.

I'm now hooked to audio books, me who thought they were just not for me..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the fortress

In this modern society, we like to wall ourselves in fortresses: breathing stale air from the aircon/central heater, we are afraid of letting our kids play shoeless in the garden, vegetables and fruits are full of hormones and pesticides, we are numbed by the tv where the life of other people become more interesting than our own.

Fall is there, trees are turning yellow and brown. The temperatures are slowly falling and squirrels are building their nests. I've always wondered how these animals keep all those leaves together. I've been collecting walnuts/chesnuts from my work place. There're some trees there and I like the rugged feel of the walnut and I hope to find one with its "cap" on. I'm trying to slowly reconcile myself with time. I have been feeling rushed and out of breathe since I came to Canada: time flies (except at work) and I realized that maybe I spend too much time watching junk instead of doing something else like art. I've not touched my art supplies for weeks and when I looked at my first journal and compared it to my current one, I realized how much I've become less creative as I am able to buy more supplies locally.

I find going back to my former friends: Arthur Rimbaud and Buddhist philosophy helps to calm down my anguish. I have to accept that I cannot turn back time. Back in Mauritius, I was resentful because I wanted to come back to Toronto, I did not fully realized what immigrating would mean, I took people and things for granted. Now it struck me that I am no longer home, that the place where I grew up, Ill be able to go back only for 3 weeks max depending on how many days off work I get. Time is going by and my parents who got on my nerves, who knows that that next time I'll see them they'll have white hair? My bf is getting wrinkles but at least I trust him that he will make it there?

I was stupid and childish and now all I can do is learn from my mistakes. At least I did have some quality time with my family. I know I can't live with my family but without them feels empty as well. Sometimes I wished they lived 30 mins down the road so I could go back and visit. Who was I kidding all this time? No where is better until you make it better. All this time the issue was with me, not with Mauritius etc..Well yes Mauritians have issues but I realized that still it's the place where I grew up and now I am in a land where I have no familiar marks, I can't blame anybody but me since I made the decision to leave.

I went outside and looked at the sky, the cold was biting my skin. I took two full breath, enjoying the cold air filling my lungs, the quiet afternoon. Refreshing, alive...No moment is alike: the quietness you were bored of, suddenly turned noisy as a neighbour mowed his lawn, now you long for the quietness again. Kids making noise as they play outside get on your nerves but once they leave, you long to hear their voice. Life is weird.

I know it's hard to do but i am trying to enjoy the present more so that not to live with regrets because by longing for the future, I missed moments to create memories..I do have pictures and pictures do tell stories but if you sacrifice moments at the expense of pictures, what is the point?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

why i love amazon

.com or .ca . My order was shipped yesterday and was received today :D and it was the free shipping option, so why pay more for express?? I got my illuminations-arthur rimbaud, awaken the buddha within-Lama Surya, mess-keri smith and drawing lab (can't recall the author). I love all my books. The first time I opened Illuminations, I found my favourite poem "sensations" at the back of opened page.. Coincidence? I love Rimbaud and I thought I brought his book with me but could not find it. Thanks to Amazon, I did not have to worry for too long..yay! The same is for where it takes only 2 days to reach me. I guess books I want fast I'll just buy them off amazon than ebay even if the price is higher.

Now I am waiting for my GAP order- some winter clothes as sizes were sold out in the stores. Free shipping of course-the only reason why I buy online than at the sales!

I'm so tired today. I need to ask my mom to send my tibetan singing bowl with my brother. There're so many things I left at home and wished it was just a few mins/hours away so that I can fetch them :/ Now I need to wait until my brother goes home or I go, in a few years..

tired tired tired

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Par les soirs bleus d'été, j'irai dans les sentiers,
Picoté par les blés, fouler l'herbe menue :
Rêveur, j'en sentirai la fraîcheur à mes pieds.
Je laisserai le vent baigner ma tête nue.

Je ne parlerai pas, je ne penserai rien :
Mais l'amour infini me montera dans l'âme,
Et j'irai loin, bien loin, comme un bohémien,
Par la nature, heureux comme avec une femme.

Arthur Rimbaud

Today I went to Sq One and did a quick stop by Pet Smart- I was surprised to see that they no longer sell dogs. Instead there were fish. I was tempted to buy an aquarium but this will have to wait. There's nothing more relaxing than to watch fishes swim by and decorate your aquarium like a jungle. Too bad Pet Smart sell mainly "common" tropical fish and some were sick :/ I wonder what happened to my fishes. Knowing my folks, they must have neglected the fish to the point where they died. The Canadian sky is so full of airplanes whether it is Toronto or Mississauga. Sometimes I wonder where these people are going, to warmer regions now that fall and soon winter is closing in?

Sometimes I wonder what my heart aches for? I bought another rimbaud book off together with mess by keri smith and unleash the buddha within. I need to go back on track again. I can't rely on places, people etc.. If I want change, I am the one who need to initiate it how hard it is. I need to act than react and the first step is to move out.

Monday already. Week-end was again sharing space with my brother but well it could have been worse.

I almost forgot

the simple joy of a cup of tea. I love this cup as it's mega huge and I don't have to refill as often as an average cup. I'm still feeling shitty but decided to take my distance to my surroundings. I have to survive. I need the money in order to move out. Once I move out I can buy things I love to eat, decorate etc.. Patience and resilience is the key right now. I've been under so much pressure that at one point I had no nails to break (Disgusting but I bite/break my nails when stressed) and I also realized that I need more independence than be in a prison. Having a house/roof over your head does not make it a home.

I'm crossing fingers and toes because I do want things to improve and I want to be able to breathe normally again.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

grinding my teeth

I'm looking for an apartment, earlier than anticipated but I'm tired of being there and getting additional stress and health issues. My body is on the verge of cracking down but I have to grind my teeth and bear with it until I find something more appropriate. Who knew that immigrating would be that painful despite going back to a country where I've lived for 5 years?

I've to work tomorrow and already I feel like breaking down..At least I am losing weight w/o much effort..

Monday, September 6, 2010

i miss home

I'm making a blurb book on mauritius and it made me realized how much I miss home. It was not perfect but I guess I was too selfish to enjoy my time there and now I miss it. Why do we always look back at things with some regret. Hopefully I'll be able to to go back in 2012? I want to keep 2011 for Paris. Now I need to face my fears at my job because I need this money for travelling and to go back home. I have nothing to prove, just do my job and get the money. Maybe I'll go back to mauritius when I retire yet I'll be on my own at that age..Why do I need to brood black?

I want to go to live there..

Friday, September 3, 2010


Bad work day. been messing up all morning and had bad calls which left me without energy for the rest of the day. Another person resigned from the job. I was shocked because he was really good and did well in the test etc..So after all, ppl telling us that we'll be only three were correct. I'm worried about my situation as well as I am the weakness now in term of performance. I have to work harder on that and improve my communication and thinking skills. sad to say I am still at a stage where I stumble on the phone as speaking english is not my forte -try to understand all these accents and think fast- and I'm slower in processing info as I struggle at understanding my caller. It makes me think of my first and second yr at uni..the EXACT same thing: struggling with understanding and being understood. I even ended feeling sorry for my callers as I asked them to repeat/spell names for me.

Another girl from a former batch was how everyone in her group resigned oO; ZOMG is all I can say. I am going to persist until there's nothing else I can do. I feel frustrated though because I am not performing at the level I know I can and my customer service stinks due to communication issues.

Thanks god for long week-end!

what is done is done..forget about it and move on

Thursday, September 2, 2010

it rained a few hours ago and as fast as the rain fell, it disappeared. I was hoping for night showers and thunderstorms. Apparently my wish won't be granted. I feel like I am every boss's nightmare. I am making lot of mistakes, hanging on people by error, losing attention and what not. I'm still on training but mistakes are mistakes. It's frustrating as I am someone who usually pick up things fast and now bang, it is no longer working. To keep me going today, I was like "it's a challenge, challenge" but then got a bit confused thanks to someone who'll remain nameless. I need to have more confidence in me such that people who brag they know it all won't touch me because I feel I am not at their level.

I'm scared that after my 3 months probation they'll be like "out" because I am not good enough. I do want to be better but what is not working? oh well I'll clench my teeth and learn and learn until I know all the policies by heart. I'll give my best and if it does not work at least I tried and I'm keeping away from people who give me self esteem issues (you know the kind for whom everything is easy-good for them-but who say it in such a way that you feel dumb next to them). I must not give up no matter what. It is persistence that keeps life going and hopefully mine will last for a while because it's NOT normal to lose sleep because of work, especially training!!

I'm filling my soul journal slowly. Maybe I should start selling some on etsy as they're easier to make than art.. and the extra cash won't hurt.

on the positive side, i booked my seat for creepy classics for the end of october! just can't wait to listen to the orchestra!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've been terribly busy with work and a bit depressed as well. Will seize the incoming week-end to do some art. I'm also trying to set up a budget in order to save. It's not easy. On Saturday, I went downtown and realised how much I missed the city buzz and the easy access to everything. I'm getting used to Mississauga but nothing can beat living in the city where you can walk to the closest supermarket/shop versus taking the bus for everything.

Readapting to Canada is challenging because of the language barrier. Yes I can say I lived there for 5 years but after 4 years in Mauritius I forgot how the Canadians talk and now I am in a job where I talk to ppl with different accents and bg, well understanding them is not easy and so often I want to give up but I need to make a living so I am crossing fingers, losing hair along the way but I'll keep going and persist even if it takes me more time than others to do the same thing.

I've been working on a soul journal filled with quotes to keep my motivation. It's all I can do for now. Saturday I got a haircut, went to my favourite second hand bookstore (the pic below is of my fave book store) and was surprised to see Yonge St closed due to Live green event in downtown.

Basically there were tents of companies selling "green" products, farmer's market and recycling etc.. The most crowded one was WWF where they were selling shirts and what not for $5. I went to have a look and ppl were more interested in the panda logo items than anything else. There were some interesting groups though but I did not stay long as I was too tired. My trip to downtown took 1.5 hrs instead of the usual 45 mins so no more trip there for me until the Gardiner Expressway is fully repaired! Last time I had to wait for over 2 hours due to congestion and it was really tiring.

I'm so exhausted. I guess mental stress is exhausting me more than the job itself.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

why i can't wait to move out

yesterday i left half a pizza to cool. When I came back half of it was gone. I also put the other untouched half in the fridge to bring to work today and I forgot. I checked my food today and guess what my pizza was eaten again. sh*t. I hope by next morning I'll still have my food...

just little things like that amongst others that annoy me.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

saying hello

Now that I am working, I know how it feels not to have time to do anything-my unopened bills are piling on my desk, letters to be answered etc . My resolve is to stop napping when I come back from work as then I am unable to sleep at night! Nevermind if I am dead tired or not! Yesterday I received my "the non planner datebook" by keri smith which is exactly what I need.

It's cute although the price tag is high for such a small book. I paid like 22 USD with shipping from as it' not carried by! Booo!

I love Keri Smith. She's inspiring in her own ways. I have "how to be an explorer of the world" back home, "this is not a book" and "wreck this journal". I like "wreck this journal" because it helps to let go although I have yet to wreck it as instructed. There are so many things I need to work on in my life especially letting go, be less obsessive and perfect. In a few words: embrace my imperfections without fear. I'm also digging this article from because it's something I can relate to whether at the writing or creative level (Have you ever surfed through flickr albums, blogs for inspirations, find yourself being amazed at others work and yet felt drained/overwhelmed once you have to work on yours? A feeling of not being good enough although you went to those sites to be inspired and was inspired but still felt that your own work was not at the level you saw and unconsciously wanted to achieve?). In order to find my voice I need to stop looking at others because sooner or later I end up comparing myself to them.

I jumped into the rainbow books bandwagon-I've no clue how it's called: you simply arranged your books by colours! You can see some of my books there. I still have others on the side (hidden) and more books in the basement. I am ashamed to say that 90% of the books you see there have been bought within the past 4 months I've been in Canada (do the maths). I'm trying to buy second hand as much as I can from ebay (this seller awesomeusa is awesome. Books are as cheap as 2.99, shipping 1.99 and well most are hardcovers but who cares) and from BWM which sells books good as new. Last time I spend 33 bucks there for 5 books which would have cost me twice as much at Chapters or World Biggest bookstore. The books were in very good condition as well, just a mark at the bottom to indicate it's not new or something.

I'm in a Neil Gaiman mood lately. I also tried to organize my nail polishes by colour (although I can't wear the flashy ones to work) and you can see my moomin mugs and tea boxes-I've 5 tea boxes: jasmine tea, green tea, gunpowder tea, oolong, litchi black, etc.. I 've no clue when I'll be able to finish them all but I like to enjoy different tea according to my moods. I have also been working in my journal and hopefully if time allows it I'm making another scrap journal which I'll use as a "soul" journal or motivational one. I already have a few cards with quotes I'll love to integrate in it.

This past days weather has been setting the mood for the incoming fall. I am not ready for the cold and I am not too keen on gray days. If it rains that's still fine but gray cloudy no. Soon I'll have to get a coat and winter clothes..ugh.. MORE expenses!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

to do and to see

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”Sir Winston Churchill

“If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.”
Nora Roberts

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”André Gide

I so want to see this movie :Lage de la raison. It's so dreamy and Amelie like. Another event I really look forward is the Tim Burton exhibition at the TIFF-Toronto but no dates have been announced yet. All I know is that it'll be in November and I have it marked down and will definitely arranged my shifts so as I can go to see it. The collection is usually in NYC. I can't miss that event as I love Tim Burton's work and it's been a while since anything interesting happened in my life! I'm also ready for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Light classics series: Creepy symphonies which will be played in October. I'm booking my ticket this week once I get my pay and I cross fingers that there'll still be some seats left as it'll be my first ever live symphony.

Sometimes I wonder where time has gone by. Today I was showing JGuy a picture of himself from 2002 and he looks so different now. Older and more tired. Unfortunately I have no pictures of us together at that time. It would have been a great way to compare the "us now" and "us before". I guess one of my regret is not having any pictures of us younger as I have always hated to have pictures of me taken (I Still do) but pictures are the only path to keeping memories alive when they're long forgotten.

When I look at pictures of my family when we were still kids, I can't help feeling sad and a certain longing. Suddenly I'll find myself back to our house before it was renovated, looking at Corps de Garde mountain from my back door, long before Super U supermarket was built and long before we extended our kitchen to the back wall. I'll remember my afternoon after school, peering at my neighbour's land watching birds and chicken (now everything has been replaced by a house and a bitchy neighbour). There are things that cannot be replaced.

I finally bought a clarisonic, and we'll see if it helps for my skin. I do think I see improvements though. Only time will tell. Summer is already coming to an end and it's depressing to see stores putting long sleeves clothes out. Why are they so much in a hurry? I'm adapting to Canada although to be honest, work is altogether a different story. I need to learn to conquer m fears and stop creating unnecessary competition with people in my head. If I always compare myself with what others do, how can I concentrate on being me?I have to accept that at some point, some people are smarter than me and that it is not the end of the world.

He is not here to hold my hand, so I need to learn to walk on my two feet until we meet again.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

oh rage et desespoire

well nothing is perfect. I just discovered that the samsung galaxy s is not compatible with Mac OS! well there's a way to get around the system but as usual, it's not working for me. At least I can transfer files via blue tooth so it should be ok since it'll be MP3. Still i love this phone as long as you've an internet connection. After zillion of tries I finally discovered how to answer calls..hahaha oh always learn new things right? I'm also in love with Lynday Barry. I will review her book tomorrow. Saturday is already over and what have I done? Nothing besides sleeping, eating and laundry. Since when have my days become so boring?

The BIG plus: loud ring tone (I'm hard of hearing) and loud vibrating option. At least I'll know when someone is calling! With my former phone, I would not even know when it vibrated since it was so weak.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Favourite Things Project

7. ways to relax

Sorry no pictures as each time I am adding them it's messing up my layout. need to see why this is happening.

My favourite way to relax is by reading a good book in a semi crowded place (think of your workplace canteen in the morning when people are grabbing coffees and lounging around but not as crowded as during lunch) which is actually what I've been doing since I started working. I can't deal with crowds and although I am a loner I like being in semi crowded places as long as I don't have to talk to anyone..I know it's weird. else reading at UofT library but not coffee shops as sometimes people are too loud there :(

When I was a teenager another way for me to relax was to go on my balcony, lie on the ramp (with a high risk of falling in my neighbour's garden!) and watch the starry sky-I knew most of the main constellations by heart. I'm sad that city lights prevent me from seeing the constellations here and I even missed the Leonids meteor shower, partly because I thought it was this evening instead of yesterday. Drat. It'll be for next year or in November.


I'm done with my second week of training and I must admit that I am tired.I guess partly because I lack sleep and had to leave the house at 7am everyday this week. I'm someone who needs 8 hours of sleep and until my body gets used to it, I'll remain tired and unfocused. My obsessive self is also afraid that my trainer does not like me because I am too quiet. I rarely join their conversations since I'm trying to follow and often I don't know what to say-excuses excuses I know. The downside of being an introvert and a loner. I always sabotage myself first. Oh well. I'm also done with my swaps! yeehah and bought a new phone. The Samsung Galaxy S. I <3>

I was shocked when I saw the amount of tax I am paying but that's life :<>

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

what can i say? i'm tired. everything will be slower until my body adapts itself.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

favourite things project

Favourite Things Project

I could not do mine Friday so here're two:

4. Shoes I own
Like most women, I am a sucker for shoes, more specifically high heels shoes (although wearing them is another story). Here're shoes I have bought so far since my arrival to Canada. I came to the country with 2 pairs of high heels and 2 pairs of Birkis (I've a third pair not shown):

i love my yellow birkis although they were painful to break especially the thingy between the toes

I got the marc fisher and guess shoes on sales at 50% off. A steal! I buy brand shoes only on sales as I'm not that crazy to pay over 100 for a pair unless I REALLY want it

I do look forward to the day where I'll be able to walk with high heels everywhere although for now birkis are my best friends! I guess I'll keep the heels for work :)

5. People in my life
People in my life I'll say my bf JG and my family especially my first brother. I don't consider myself to be family oriented but as I am getting older I realized that people I've always taken for granted won't always be there so it's best to enjoy the present time despite our differences and conflicting views. At 29, I no longer want to be the rebel I was at 17 yrs old. No pictures on this one as I'm quite private :)

I went to the World Biggest Bookstore on Friday and there was some damage :( I highly recommend the Lynda Barry book "What it is" as it's very inspiring. I'm also loving the diaries of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend-I swear it's so funny :)

Work starts on Tuesday at 8:30. Wish me luck :) Training week so it should not be that bad.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

at last

above pic: of course that's not me!

After procrastinating for so long, I finally obtained my G1 after passing the theory test. My card is coming by post in the incoming 2-3 weeks. Had a cute guy who corrected my test ;P It was about time and I nearly died waiting 4-5 hours just to have my application processed. On the other hand, look what I discovered:

photo credit: food for thought

One more reason why I should live in Asia :P

Favourite things project

So I decided to jump on the band wagon and participate in Tazim's favourite things project. I'll try to update every Friday although for this time, I am condensing 3 posts in one! Yay. So here you go:

Being Tazim

1. Iconic things about my country
Although I'm a Canadian landed immigrant, I'll write about Mauritius since I've been in Canada for only 4 months-excluding my uni years. (I'm being nice, if you don't know about my island, just click on the link).

I'll say that the iconic things about Mauritius are the beaches and sugarcane:

Taken during my stay at Le Tousserok Hotel

Mark Twain even described Mauritius as "paradise on earth" although I wonder if it's still the case now. Unfortunately I'll be honest and say that the sandy beaches are enjoyed more by the tourists than us locals :/

Sugar cane is also something very representative of the country. Whether you go North, South, East or West, once you leave the populated urban areas, you'll find yourself surrounded by sugar cane fields on both sides of the road. Once the main foreign revenue for the country, sugar cane has become secondary in generating money due to competition from other countries. Currently (if I remember well), we're exporting mainly special sugar than white sugar. The recent years have seen the closing down of several sugar cane factories and even of the Bulk Sugar Terminal.

I love sugar cane blooming and harvest seasons. During harvesting, the fields are burned and the air will be loaded with black flakes of soot (a nuisance when drying clothes outside) you'll also smell sugar in the air which is quite nice. I have fond memories of chewing sugar cane in my childhood as they grew next to my grand parents' house (before everything was cleared for apartments). I'm sad when I see so many fields being cleared to build malls and condos. I guess that's evolution?

image from this site Travel Tourism Mauritius

2. Modes of communication
I guess my favourite mode of communication is writing. I am more comfortable writing down my thoughts although nothing can beat talking to someone face to face. It's just I'm shy and when I've nothing to say I ramble and when I do have something to say, I'm quiet (with people I don't know well). I'm proud to say that I've known some of my penpals for over ten years and I do hope that the friendship will go on even when we'll be old and wrinkly.

photo credit: AmoraSong

3. Things to drink
Bubble tea!! That's the asian in me. I LOVE taro bubble tea with tapioca pearls. So yummy. The BEST bubble tea I had so far is from this food court in Dixie: Taro, ice cream, litchi jelly and tapioca pearls. One large size for 4 bucks I think. Pure Bliss. Picture below is not from teh Dixie food court.

I'm also a green tea junky and have 4 boxes in Canada. When I came back from China, I brought like 2 kilos of tea. Chinese tea are so yummy and I love oolong, green, sencha, meccha and jasmine pearls. I also love bottled teas especially honey green tea and chrysantenum (spelling?).

Taken during my trip- 7 eleven in Hong-Kong

Coffee is another weakness of mine I used to be a fan of Starbucks but since they swapped their yummy frappucinos for this stupid "However you want it", well frappucinos have become less fun. Maybe some people do bother about their skimmed/soy or what not milk but even in the choices they have, you no longer get those yummy brownie chocolate frappucinos. It's like frappucinos on a diet. Else I need my daily dose of caffeine!!

I do need to organize my photo folders. Seeing pictures from my trips in Asia makes me long to go there and live. Sometimes I do miss being surrounded by Asian stuffs and food, maybe move to vacouver??? I do wonder where I belong: I want to live in France, Asia and then what next? Maybe I need to try each country until I find somewhere I can call home? But time is running out baby like Muse would sing.

Coming next: Shoes I own and people in my life :)