Saturday, January 31, 2009

random thoughts

I am sick w/ a cold and not feeling very inspired. Nevertheless I managed to finish my dogs ATCs for the atcsforall site :) I'm rather proud of myself and my personal favourite is the blue, green combo. I'm also working on several other swaps. Creating is the only thing that keeps me going because this week was full of self image issues and negative feelings :/ often I wish I could switch off my brain because I think and feel too much. I'm very OCD about my thoughts and some issues are so traumatic (although of trivial importance) that they're played and replayed on my mind like a broken record. It could be an event, the way someone treats me etc.. It does not matter whether I know that person or not. When it's stuck, it's stuck and I'm good for a few rounds of "I hate myself and wish to die". The woes of poor self esteem eh?

I also had to wash the "kids" and that was tiring. They're just a bunch of stinky, hyper active puppies! Even their mom can't control them and I wonder if we should sell one more. Right now we've 5 dogs, amongst 3 puppies. I love watching them from the balcony. See how cute they can be-they're so short that they can't reach to the top-:

miss lulu and tipotam (he's growing in width than height!)

with mama

Jeez I feel a head ache coming :/ Below are the scans of 2 of my atcs. The rest are *here*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

rain and shine

The weather has been very weird for the past days: sunny mornings and rainy afternoons-evenings E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y, which is unpleasant only when I need to go out/work as i'm stuck in traffic and choking buses with closed windows :/ This summer is one of the worse so far, we've had no cyclones (yet) and it's very hot and humid, more than usual (climate change effects?)

update 20/01/2009

This post (above) has been lying on my computer for 4 days now :O I am unable to finish it..hehehe Anyway just wanted to do a quick post to link to my flickr account HERE where all my art will be displayed. I'm feeling depressed again though.. I really need some arty inspiration but the island is SO freaking dull :/

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

welcome 2009!

Because wordpress is a pain to configure, I'm back to blogger despite some recent blurps which made me lose my other blog name :/ In addition my firefox refuses to load hence i'm now using google chrome. brr it makes me wonder if this is not a conspiracy to make us use all google products (like the "new"-for me at least-google account and merging of several products). ack.

Anyway I'll use this blog mainly for my creative displays and for challenges, so let's start the year with a "marie Antoinette" one inspired from the "Dans ma maison il y a" challenge blog! I never posted mine on thechallenge  blog since i created it 2-3 weeks after the challenge was made ;P I'm just in a Marie Antoinette mood lately. It must be all the blues in her pictures. My picture sucks-it's fuzzy- and I'm still trying to tweak zillion of things to get clearer pictures and this blog to look the way I want *sigh*