Tuesday, February 22, 2011

it's confirmed

my skin hates me and it is reciprocated. I'm breaking out everyday. I never had that many pimples at once in 5 years T_T Even went to purchase MURAD sulphur mask to help dry up the pimples faster. If this goes on, I'm off to a doctor..boohoo...I have no changed anything. Added glycolic acid to my skin regime and been using it for 2 weeks now and it's only the past 2 days that I am getting new break outs coupled with *that* time of the month and my cold. I guess it's a weakening of my immune system??

Soon I'll go to work w/ a paper bag on my head. Also had 3 death calls within the past month. It's funny because I was telling someone how I never had any death calls and she was telling me how since she started working she had only one, now I'm getting more than I asked for. bah *shrug*

I'm also working on my chunky book and it's 3 out of 52: Time is never enough, Face your fear and Assert yourself. 49 more to go!

I'm addicted to Glee. Not a gleek yet and I love Rachel's version of Fireworks by Katie Perry (surprising for someone who is not into mainstream). Glee never fails to make me smile and perk me up. Love the last episode where the wrestler girl was singing and I love the girl who plays Quinn..must be the lips, high cheek bones. She make me think of Scarlett Johansson in some ways. Beautiful face and gaze.

Monday, February 21, 2011

my body is going crazy

i'm down with a cold and breaking out like crazy...last time i had this many pimples i was 17...doh...

Monday, February 14, 2011

so far so good

I am invincible. preparing myself mentally for my thursday 12 hours shift. i can do it! As long as I don;t stress out, 10 hrs shifts are like breezes.

My cosmetic ban has been good so far. I did cheat when I purchased the Perter Roth Glycolic gel but else nothing. I am no longer doing the oil cleansing method because it started giving me blackheads in places I never had like corners of my eyes!I could play around w/ the oils portion but I'll leave my skin as it is for now. i discovered that I have zillion of soaps from Lush in a box so no more soaps-shampoo-conditioner-shower gel (got 2 bottles for free from sephora as part of their skin challenge and birthday gifts) until I am done using all of them.

i am also downsizing my wallet to a coin wallet w/ my main cards and change, it makes life much easier. I also received my Eddie Bauer trench coat which was 50% off and the size L is too large :/ It was on clearance and no more medium are available. I will see w/ my aunt if she can do something inside to tighten it. I love this coat, the seams are well made and it's waterproof. Makes me think of my favourite Gap trench coat which has become too small-ok i have become too fat.

Also happy V day to those who celebrate it: the best anti V day joke I heard was in french " Je ne m'appelle pas Valentin" referring to the french calendar where each day is the birthday of a Saint: one girl was arguing she does not celebrate V day because her name is not Valentin for "St Valentin" in french. V day is so ..common to the point where shop windows are badly over decorated in red, as if someone had a hang over and burst into red vomit in the shop.

Brother might be getting married in Oct in China. ack..expenses..so my short term goal is plane tkts for china (is 2500 enough for flights and travelling). Other goals are my back tattoo, savings and opening a TFSA by the end of the year. Also need to save for another trip next year to Europe.. I'll see if I can live on 200 bi weekly, it's not impossible. I can do it!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

empower yourself

I can't wait to sign up for the 21 secrets workshops as a few of my favorite artist bloggers will be teaching! I'm usually bad at online classes: I will start then neglect everything as laziness takes over but it's still refreshing to review the courses. My creative side needs fresh food.

I'm also inspired by Becoming Brave by Erin Kenepp an will start a 52 pages chunky books with a word of the alphabet that means something to me eg A-Accept?, B-Brave/Bold, C-?, D-?, E-embrace etc.. Hopefully it'll help me be less obsessive and relax w/ my perfectionism. T for time is already done.

I was also playing w/ some Chinese numerology and it's so funny how accurate they are. Call me superstitious or what not but I found some new age practices to be pretty accurate like Tarots-natal astrology-Chinese astrology..(I had a new age phase where I was learning to draw natal charts, then read tarots-palmistry etc.. but most of my hobbies are "closet hobbies" and only people who know me well..very well know about these).

A few comments made by people made me realize I need to restructure my way of thinking and the way I talk eg to say "I am invincible" instead of "I will be" (thanks Miss R <3), "I am getting older" instead of "I am old". The way you express yourself unconsciously conveys the way you think so why not see the brighter side of life from times to times than brood on being negative. I guess that's why JGZ says I am always whining although in my head, I am just expressing myself..the wrong way?

More overtime today but I see it as "practise makes perfect" hence up to some extent I am ok w/ that.

Yesterday we had a fire alarm at 2:15am ..I mean this morning and who was grumpy and swearing? ME. I got back at 11:30pm from work, in bed at midnight past 15 only to wake up at 2 am. We were stuck with the alarm until 3 something and I could smell smoke in the corridor..Soon I'll look like a panda w/ huge under eyes circle.

I'll take the week-end to go to downtown if it's not too cold. I need a break from Mississauga.Maybe drop by the Japanese Paper Place

Friday, February 4, 2011


one of my co-workers family live in cairo and are in the middle of the crisis. I hope things will go ok for them and people who have relatives-families there are in my thought. It's just crazy what's happening in the world right now. Tunisia, Cairo and Yemen then where? Although I sort of understand the reason behind the revolt: the frustration of living under a tyrant for years. Let's cross fingers for a better ending.

It must be hard to be away from your loved ones in such times. I understood the value of being w/ your family only when I came back from university and saw how old my parents have become. It was a shock because I realized the missed times together and how time flies. I don't have the best relationship with my folks but family is still family (I am getting old..and moved away from my rebel teenage years although I know I am unable to live under the same roof as my parents). There are might have beens, "non dits" , wishes and regrets. I'm almost 30 and it's hard to realize that my folks are closer to their sixties as well. It seems as if it was weeks ago that I was 17 yrs old. So many things have happened since and so many people moved out of my life..

I think too much..gaaaaaahhhhhhh *shut down her brain*

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Screw the rabbit

So Happy Chinese New Year although I miss the family gathering and going to the hotel to relax. *sigh Feb 3rd marks the beginning of the New Year: the metal rabbit and as usual it's a bad year for the rooster and of course I am a rooster. The tiger year was stressful for me: promoted at work, moving to another country, starting a new job, lots of bickering w/ JGZ. The tiger year is known to be an unpredictable year for all the signs and I thought I'll get some rest with the rabbit year, hell no. It's negative in all aspects from work to love :P well what can I do? live and let live. As long as they keep me at work and give me my monthly salary it should be fine.

Those days are stressful and if the chinese predictions are right (laugh at me but the one I had for the tiger year was pretty accurate) it's just the beginning of the end. Bah what can I do? Go on living. I already had a ta reporting me this Monday because apparently I told a customer that the ta was not doing her job..which left me speechless because I never make these kinds of comments. Apparently that customer distorted my words/interpreted them her way and now I am waiting for my manager to call me as they request an apology letter. I hope the call was recorded just to clear any misunderstanding. the joy of doing customer service. had even a caller telling me he wants to speak to someone with better english. jeez these kind of remarks make me fume as i would love to see them struggle in french. i'm training myself to let any kind of nasty remarks from customers slide on me like butter and keep a poker face. Life is too short to be spoiled by someone you don't even know!

I want to go to the pagoda, smell the burning incenses and wish random people happy new year. Want to listen to the firing of firecrackers and dancing of the chinese lions.

I MISS my pouchies :/

miss my doudou (bad picture taken by my brother in mauritius)