Monday, September 5, 2011

room mate issues

so we've been emptying the recycle for 3 months now and my cousin never does it and if she does she pick up only what is hers. Fine before leaving for china i am going to empty the recycle bin with what only is mine. fair enough right?

she also was the one who insisted on breaking the lease at the end of the year because my sil is coming and she was going to find another room mate (afraid to lose the master bedroom?). now she is backing up on her words, saying how she could stay with us until my sil comes so that she can save money and contribute to our mortgage as my brother is looking for a house. i'm sorry if we move at the end of the year: cousin's out. i can't imagine living in a house with someone who does not clean but yet criticize your way of living like how we spilled oil etc and when she cooks, does she clean her spills? nada...and how often do i have to empty the fridge of her rotting food?

once my brother comes back we'll do the recycle bin separately. each time we emptied it she filled it out with her crap and if she does empty, she only removes what is hers. sorry i'm not that blind and i'm not interested in talking to her since we'll be out of lease in 3 months anyway. i just need to confirm with my brother where we'll move. my only regret is that we're in a highly convenient spot but 2 bedrooms and den is too much for two people so we'll look for 2 bedrooms no den. even if it's house, two bedrooms only. my brother wants 3 bedroom and i think he's out of his if he has the money *roll eyes*

hmm no i am going to leave the recycle as it is. when i come back after 3 weeks and if it is the same thing, which i am sure it'll be, then i'll remove what is ours and leave hers. simple enough.