Monday, January 25, 2010

4 days off work, pure bliss

I have been spending the past four days making journal pages. Although I lean towards zetti style mine are nothing fancy yet and I prefer to go with the flow, that is, the easy way by collaging paper scraps here and there, then work on the design later on. the funny part is that I started with the idea of getting rid of all my scraps before moving to canada, then realized that I won't have enough scrap papers because I also signed up for scrap paper swaps and sent most of my scraps already :P hehehe here are some of the pages below:

Some pages are a bit crowded but I like it that way and i am filling the spaces randomly. My moleskin has become quite battered from the frequent collages, sewing and even pages ripping. I had to remove several pages as the journal is becoming quite bulky. I'll keep the extra pages for another handmade one. One thing I know is that I dislike drawing with pencil or doing watercolours on the moleskin pages else it's great for pens and collage. I am still experimenting with pens although choice is limited in mauritius (still, thanks for ebay!) Images are credit, and the crowabout flickr group.

As soon as some money comes my way, I am enrolling in thisworkshop "a life made by hand" by kelly Kilmer. I love her pages and I am even more thrilled that she offers online classes! There's another artist whose journalling style I adore but unfortunately she does only "real life" classes :/I'm slowly trying to find my own style rather than do "inspired by" pages from others. currently my mood is for scrap papers, acrylic paints and soon more rubber stamps! I have accumulated so many supplies that have to used. Maybe I should do a page about "things to work on in 2010" and one of them is to "use more, buy less". I wonder how I'll carry my craft stuffs to Canada. My rubber stamps are definitely coming with me as they're worth years of purchases and some companies have even closed down *sigh*

I know I'll have a lot of free time once I am in Montreal/Toronto and will definitely drop at the Paper Place to satisfy my paper craving! There're so many things I need to do. Only 4 days before I send my resignation letter and 2 days before I get my macbook pro:

Isn't she pretty? I wanted the 15 inches one but when my brother got his 13 inches screen, it did not look that bad and I can always plug it an external monitor. A laptop is a better choice for me as I will be moving around a lot soon and desktops are really cheap in Canada so I can get one later. In addition, the Mac OS seems to be a better choice after using headache windows for so long (with its hordes of OS crashing, viruses, zillions of updates! and so on). I can't wait to handle the real things once my folks come back from Singapore this Wednesday! I wished my holidays were longer but I'll be off work for good in 1 month so *grin*

My back still hurts but it felt good to clean around, exercise a bit as being active decreases the pain. Tomorrow i am getting paid. yay! Still need to work on the 1:1 trade and MMH. I also hope that my PAT cards reach the hostess in AFA soon or I am going to start pulling my hair :/ I hate it when the postal services let me down.

ps I need MORE acrylics paint!