Wednesday, September 26, 2012

book of mormon

Man this is hilarious..

I'm so going to see this musical when it comes to Toronto in June 2013. Funniest thing ever. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. Their song "turn it off" is just as funny.

Need my dose of happy songs lately like "call me maybe" (a worm in the head) and "small talks" by men and monsters (they're good..listened to their acoustic version and it's lovely)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

random thoughts

Gestures of love are always the most anonymous ones: a man adjusting his wife jacket and squeezing her hand, removing a hair strand from a beloved's face, kissing a beloved hand or face. I see these gestures everyday from regular people in the bus, people with no names and whom I might never see again.

One couple though caught my attention because I came across them a few times. The man: shaved head and beard, the tough look of a biker, his partner :in a wheelchair, oversized jacket and a baseball cap on her dirty blond messy hair. An unlikely couple but with looks and gestures of tenderness for each other. Sweet and it's always like that when I see them together.

Lately I am in love with the french word "effleurer". It just brings possibilities and might have beens. Effleurer le visage de son aimé, sa main, son corps. Effleurer/froler un étranger qui vous souris. Capturer la magie d'un instant.

I am looking forward to go home. Not because it's home. I need a break from sterile Mississauga. I want to be able to smell and taste the salty sea again, feel the humidity and heat around me and go to the noisy and colorful markets. I want to ride our rickety buses full of old ladies in saris and tentes bazaar. I want to see the colorful concrete houses-ugly and pretty and not the copy-paste ones so typical of the canadian.

What do I miss? I miss my dogs, my Doudou, hold her tight and never let go. I miss the starry nights where I knew the constellations by heart and could point jupiter-venus-orion-scorpio-pleaides to you w/o blinking. I miss the fields of sugarcane in bloom in the morning where everything looked covered in warm gold. I miss the rainy seasons and cyclones w/ torrential rains. I miss sleeping w/ the candle light when the power is cut off. I miss the smell of Port-Louis market. I miss the smell of night jasmine as it blooms at night. I miss the redness of the Flamboyants along the streets.

This is funny...because I know I can't live in Mauritius, paradise or not. I guess the heart always long for what it can't have.

For once I will be happy when I am told "welcome back home".

Monday, September 3, 2012

summer is almost over?

We're already in September and soon the leaves will be the color of fall. This summer went by like a breeze and I did not do much mainly due to the strong heat. Each rainy day was welcomed by me as the smell of the rain was so refreshing and it felt good to feel the wind in my face.

I am currently working on a trip for next year. It is a secret for now but I am so excited about it. I was visiting some foodie blog and it made me realize how my relationship with food has changed. I rarely take any pleasure in eating. I missed the markets in Port-Louis. Your senses would be overpowered by the smell of fresh vegetables, of fried gato piments and other snacks and bread.

Most things are sterile and over clean in Canada, ok Mississauga-Toronto. Over  packaged to the point where buying vegetables is no longer a sensory experience. Even vegetables displayed have no smell and it's like looking at plastic vegies, ripened in lorries from mexico or the usa. Unless I am buying at the wrong places?

The only stinky experience of this country is people..Hah! I can understand if you stink because it's hot or after a day's at work but stinking at 6 am before going to work? Dude..did anyone take a bath in the evening or morning? The smell of body odors, rancid hair oil/curry is enough to wake me up w/o the need to buy coffee.. Ugh. A few time I had to change seat because the regulars I rode the bus with, made me want to barf.

I can't wait to go back home, just to be able to use my senses again.