Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've been hearing this song in several shops in the mall. I could not find the version I heard which was sung by a woman. cute song but hey who wants to think about their exes in this holiday season? My ever favourite is still Have yourself a little christmas by frank sinatra..For some reason it makes me nostalgic and makes me think of snow falling quietly outside while you're inside sipping a warm coffee or walking.

I'm tired and will have to work for the holidays, which does not really bug me as I've no one to celebrate with anyway. It's just the winter season is CRAZY when it comes to calls, as everyone then are changing their plans or rescheduling due to snow storms..ick oh well at least time flies? hehehe

My co-worker has a daughter who likes to include love notes in her lunch. last time she was showing me how her daughter wrote "mom i wandered what are you getting me for my birthday?". her birthday is the 24th dec and it was so sweet to read her note. My co worker was saying how she's getting her daughter a scooter for her bday and a piano for christmas and that she-my collegue- can't wait to see her daughter's face as she knows she's dying to get a scooter. aaawwww soo sweet. Christmas is really for kids. My colleague is the same age as me, well 1 year older and already has two kids (6 and 4). Sometimes I wonder how different is it to live for someone. I mean once you form a family and have kids, the meaning of your life changes as then you invest yourself in your kids' future. I guess it's a new meaning to the verb to love?

babies and kids are cute: they smell good, make you smile, cheer up your day with their innocent remarks and spontaneous reactions, they don't calculate and are just themselves unlike us adults. Still their cuteness won't convince me to have one of my own like i was telling my co-worker. i just can't imagine carrying one for nine month although it must be quite an "experience" to be pregnant and give life ..i guess that's why so many people feel that giving birth is almost like a miracle :)

anyway i 'm off to bed. i broke the bank today and well..i have such a weak will power infront of 50% off sales :/

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm so not going to the mall until the holiday crowd is over. I did on Saturday and it was ho-rri-ble. Amidst the blaring music, the shrieking kids and overall pushing and pressing of the crowd, I felt something close to despair..LOL The salvation army also had an orchestra playing music but it only added to the noise. There was also the SA representative with her jingle bells instead of their big bell. There was recently a huge debate in the news about the banning the use of bell by the salvation army in the mall. I swear if they started using the bell, it would make no difference in the noise level I witnessed on Saturday. I wonder if people don't become deaf by the music from the different stores.

It seems that my senses have become more sensitive lately: I avoid malls cosmetic counters-asthma people beware especially of the perfume areas- and stinky stores like bath and body works. I still drop at LUSH but only if necessary. I'm trying to get into the holiday mood but it's not working. I'm glad we had snow despite the freezing temperature but what I am looking forward is not a blizzard but walking at night and watch snow falls quietly under the warmth of the street lights. There's something peaceful about that and Queen Parks always come fondly to my mind:walking back home-NWycik- late at night in the park, my first year at university where there were frozen icicles on the tree next to my dorm window and depending on the light, it looked like diamonds shining.

I love christmas but quiet ones and I love discovering the shapes of snow flakes that stick to my coat. Give me more snow people!

It does not bug me but i feel weird to be amongst the few who're not celebrating christmas at work since none of my family is there. Even if there's no presents giving, we have a dinner or something but well that's life.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

random thoughts

So we are done with moving and I've like 5% left to unpack. I still don't have a bed, I'm sleeping on a fold out be don the floor but it's not working for my back/neck. I'll take my brother's bed as he's leaving for Mauritius tomorrow. So far no tv, no furnitures in the living room and I quite like it that way until my cousin comes and brings all her furnitures and stuffs. She brought her kitchenwares for us to use and it made me realize how easy it is to overdo it..She has like zillion of pots and pans for one person. easily 15 pots and pans, and many more dishes. I unpacked only some of her boxes so I could use her items. But jeezz..that many. I realize that I don't want to carry around that many of one item. In uni I had a frying pan, 2 higher rim pan and a chinese wok and pressure cooker. At most I think I'll get 2 frying pans of different sizes but 15 cooking pots/pans..gosh NO WAY especially that I am not a great cook.

The song "The way you are" has been running in my head since I heard it on Glee. Thanks glee for making me discover cute songs. Bruno Mars is a cutie and I love the way he looks at the girl although I found her overdone with makeup for the lyrics of the songs. It reminds me of JGZ. It's sad how it's only when people say/sing it that I realize I had it all the way, like what you never enjoy what you have until you realize it from someone else perspective. I miss him.

I love my apartment. I need to take pictures-it's very empty and the view from our balcony. We see many lights at night and on the East side I can see Toronto-woohoo. It feels waaaaaaaaay better than where I was and living in a condo makes you feel less alone. I'm just sad my brother is leaving tomorrow. Now I need to get doing some art. It's been a tiring week and the cherry on the cake was my time of the month with its cramps. Now I've a sprained knee, low back pains thanks to moving and running around by missing buses

well..let's enjoy life what else can I say?