Thursday, December 29, 2011


Since yesterday we had our first snow..more like a slush of flurries and rain. In the afternoon the snow was heavier. If the cold was not an issue, I would have sit on a bench in a quiet park and enjoy the peacefulness of watching snow fall under the warm lamp light. There is nothing more beautiful than a carpet of sparkling new snow.

I was highly tempted to walk under the falling snow and to taste the snow flakes with the tip of my tongue. However with my groceries that would not have been convenient. Reality over my daily reverie.

I have been reading quite a few books about food and culture lately. Some books echo issues that have crossed my mind, but to which I never gave much thoughts so full is my head of random stuffs and worries.

"In defense of food" by Micheal Pollan struck a chord in me though. I am reading this book at a time where my relationship with food is no longer pleasurable. Most "food" from the supermarkets are tasteless and full of hormones and what not. I do remember a comment from one of my mother's collegue about how although Mauritius is not like South Africa (where her kids are), nothing can equal the smell of vegetables and fruits in our local supermarkets or bazaar. How true! Unfortunately in Canada, organic or local cost an arm and a leg. I might as well plant my own vegetables once we move to a house.

I stopped buying most 0% fat etc.. items a long time ago. I did the simple test of checking the label one time and the list of ingredients in the so called healthy "food" was longer than the regular one. Stabilizers, emulsifiers, sugar sugar and sugar. I was amazed at how some food could stay in the fridge for weeks w/o a mould..scary or amazing? This book is definitely an eye opener and give you food for thought. I am sure a lot of the issues he discussed have crossed our mind at one time or another.

I'm slowly trying to get back into calligraphy and visual journaling. I need therapy because I am drained from listening to people and having no one to listen to me when I need it. Maybe "eccrire c'est crier en silence".

can I run away instead of chaining myself to things ?

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