Thursday, June 7, 2012

today was a good mail day. After being on the waiting list since Feb, I finally received my first topbox and I have to admit it made me much happier than with loose button. For $10 plus tax per month you get 4 deluxe samples and sometimes more of beauty products to try.

This month my top box contained:
-1 full size deborah lippmann nailpolish in "whatever lola wants"-a lovely pale pink w/ shimmer
-sample size stila mascara "forever your curl"
-sample size clear prep fx matte foundation primer and anti acne
-full size mark lipgloss in pop splendid-berry pink and wearable for my skin tone
-3 samples of garnier bb cream in light
-sample size of simple eye make-up remover

their sample sizes are what i'll call travel size. Although there is no personalization of the boxes (loose button has a sticker with your name on it), I have the impression that topbox does match your samples according to the profile survey you fill which makes me very happy. I'll watch my future boxes to further confirm that.

After getting 5 boxes from loosebutton, I am SO glad that I cancelled my subscription with them. Each time I was getting random products and 90% of the times I never used them since they were not for my skin type-hair type etc.. I got so many regenerist lotion samples from olay, shampoo for dyed hair, lotion for dry skin and I filled their profile survey 3 times but keep getting random samples. In addition so many of  them were drugstores brands like olay, pantene, nyx, etc..

I was rather pissed because their boxes were so inconsistent as some people would get dermalogica several times, benefit, china glaze while I kept getting lame ones. The only nailpolish I received from them as well was a stinky pastel purple from essie which I would never use. I know some people love loosebutton but the quality of the samples did not do it for me and it was more expensive than topbox. My first topbox has 3 items I know I will use which is something I never had with loosebutton. I guess to each their own.

I also had my studiocalico kit and it made me smile. The items are so well thought and lovely. journalling heavens. I am still working on my mini book from montreal and will use the incoming week-end to complete it. I took most photos from my fuji instax and it's more fun than my dslr. I realize that as much as I love high quality picture, carrying a dslr around is a pain in the ass..I might buy a new point and shoot camera as far as I am concerned although I love my Canon A570 IS powershot. It seems to me that most models coming out nowadays are divided into 3 groups: point and shoot-small and light, semi pro dslr-big and pro dslr-bigger. I can no longer find something small and in between like my powershot which has great manual options. bah we'll see.

I'm so tired as work is exhausting. It's been raining calls lately..jeez

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