Monday, September 3, 2012

summer is almost over?

We're already in September and soon the leaves will be the color of fall. This summer went by like a breeze and I did not do much mainly due to the strong heat. Each rainy day was welcomed by me as the smell of the rain was so refreshing and it felt good to feel the wind in my face.

I am currently working on a trip for next year. It is a secret for now but I am so excited about it. I was visiting some foodie blog and it made me realize how my relationship with food has changed. I rarely take any pleasure in eating. I missed the markets in Port-Louis. Your senses would be overpowered by the smell of fresh vegetables, of fried gato piments and other snacks and bread.

Most things are sterile and over clean in Canada, ok Mississauga-Toronto. Over  packaged to the point where buying vegetables is no longer a sensory experience. Even vegetables displayed have no smell and it's like looking at plastic vegies, ripened in lorries from mexico or the usa. Unless I am buying at the wrong places?

The only stinky experience of this country is people..Hah! I can understand if you stink because it's hot or after a day's at work but stinking at 6 am before going to work? Dude..did anyone take a bath in the evening or morning? The smell of body odors, rancid hair oil/curry is enough to wake me up w/o the need to buy coffee.. Ugh. A few time I had to change seat because the regulars I rode the bus with, made me want to barf.

I can't wait to go back home, just to be able to use my senses again.

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