Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm come to the point where people who think they are entitled to different treatment at work because they have kids or are married piss me off. I was even told that one's life has more value if you're married or how I won't know the "stress" of shifts until I have kids. WTF.

It's not because I don't have kids, a husband to take care of (thanks god!) that I don't have a life/stress and can afford to take all the shitty hours that no one wants. What about people who choose not to burden themselves w/ 2-3 kids or not marry??

The fact remains that when they signed the papers, they knew they would have to work shifts and 24/7 shifts. As much as management tried to accommodate their requests, no one is ever happy or even satisfied. I doubt these people know what it is to work late or overnight for christmas, new year, to do all week-ends for one year.

When I tell them these are possible, they're like I choose it (WTF). The new shift system is generating so much complaints that I don't even want to hear about it and it's just a shift for 3 months.

I do understand we each want the best for ourselves but throwing arguments like how they should get better hours because they have kids,day care etc.. make me frown. I'm sorry but you knew what you were up to when you signed the papers so don't think you deserve special treatment just because you reproduced. If that's the case then I'm off to the sperm bank and to the hospital to get in vitro fertilization and contribute my share to an overpopulated world.


The worst is that I know people who have it worse and do not complain that much..It's not the end of the world people, get your things together. just a 3 months rotation.

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