Tuesday, January 6, 2009

welcome 2009!

Because wordpress is a pain to configure, I'm back to blogger despite some recent blurps which made me lose my other blog name :/ In addition my firefox refuses to load blogger.com hence i'm now using google chrome. brr it makes me wonder if this is not a conspiracy to make us use all google products (like the "new"-for me at least-google account and merging of several products). ack.

Anyway I'll use this blog mainly for my creative displays and for challenges, so let's start the year with a "marie Antoinette" one inspired from the "Dans ma maison il y a" challenge blog! I never posted mine on thechallenge  blog since i created it 2-3 weeks after the challenge was made ;P I'm just in a Marie Antoinette mood lately. It must be all the blues in her pictures. My picture sucks-it's fuzzy- and I'm still trying to tweak zillion of things to get clearer pictures and this blog to look the way I want *sigh*

1 comment:

  1. She looks awesome! I love the black scroll thingie over her. Nice to find your blog, I just started mine this year as well.
    jklee from AFA