Wednesday, March 4, 2009


wow i've not updated in ages. I've been trying to discipline myself by avoiding my afternoon nap and using my time sensibly instead. I've gazillion of projects due in April and "created" a new techniques from gold marker, pearl-ex and inks. maybe someone already discovered it but I came across it while playing around with my supplies. I love the overall grunge effects. lately my style have changed: from a fan of vintage images, now I am more into getting my hands dirty with paint, textures and inks. the whole creative process is a get away from my unsatisfactory life and i wished i could do it more often and have money for more supplies ;p i'm always busting my credit card on craft supplies :O

anyway projects that are done: numbers inchies, under the sea inchies, house atcs, dogs dogs atcs, birds atcs, paris fat pages, tim holtz atcs. WIP to be finished by the end of the week: pretty girls fat page and dark wonderland. to be done: france atcs, sweet house, d fatbook, medical-esque ATCs, NYC atcs, gothic arches, creepy circus and let them eat cakes..

i need a life as you can see..

my fatbook collection is becoming very pretty as well. will need to post a picture soon! :)

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