Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dead tired lately. Got my quarterly review and it sucks. My audits suck and hopefully I will be able to improve soon. It sucks to move from being a top performer at my former job to a so so one now :/ I will persevere although there's always this little voice at the back of my head which makes me feel insecure about my capabilities and performance. One more day then I am off. yay

Spring is around the corner as well and my goals are:
-Go to highpark to watch the sakuras in bloom and sit under them to enjoy the silence
-Book facials at Pure and Simple
-Go to my combat classes
-Lose my winter fat
-Use my canon Dslr- I did not pay 800 bucks for it to sleep in my closet

I got my new schedule and love it. I work week-ends and off two days in the week which is HIGHLY convenient as I can avoid the week-end crowd. My favorite combat instructor also works on Tuesday and I hope she still does. It's good not to have any family obligations. I'll make it a goal to go downtown every 2 weeks just for the fun of it.

I've been reading this book "Loneliness" which takes a look at loneliness on a scientific and psychological level. So far I found myself identifying w/ the content. I guess I need to be more social in order to be healthy and less selfish? I want to go back to volunteering but my ever changing shifts make it impossible. Want to reconnect with the sick and old and be useful. I feel empty those past days.

Hopefully spring will make me smile.

Saw this nice idea which is birthday list, that is, x number of things to do according to how old you are and before the next birthday. Seems nice. Need to think about it :)

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