Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I am too busy surviving to adapt. Where is my usual resilience?

why are the best things vintage? Yesterday I discovered wet noodles nibs and flex ones. I always had an interest in copperplate type scripts where the letters have different thicknesses according to pressure. So far most nibs I tried were too rigid or scratchy. So I was thrilled to discover waterman and Esterbrook pens with flex nibs. The catch is that they're all vintage-made in the early 1910-1930's and some cost as much as 100 bucks going to over 600 for waterman. Quite depressing you say it. For now I'll just oogle at them from my macbook. Another nice news is that the Paper place is now carrying Rhodia notepads which gives me a good excuse to drop by next wednesday to check the price. Calligraphy helps to discipline my mind when my thoughts are spread all over.

My becoming brave visual journal from 21 secrets is making progress, as well as my 52 pages for my chunky books. Here's my first page with a pocket for a passport picture and notes written inside. I'm planning to do 2-3 pages per theme: body-life-love-work.

I did not follow the instructions to the letter and added bits and pieces according to what I "feel"- yes I am lousy when it comes to instructions-I prefer to figure my way around.

My neck is also much better after my case of torticollis-could not get out of bed: had to slip my body to the end of the bed, put both feet down, then use the left hand to lift my neck-head. When I think of it now, it's quite funny although it was not at the time.

To add to my pain, I had to drag my ass to the doctor to get a medical note as I missed work. I would cringe each time the bus had to stop whether at a bus stop, head lights as the motion made my neck and shoulder hurt. I'm glad it's behind me now. Also dropped by Osmoz on my way home to grab a pita (why not: I was already in pain, it was on my way and there was no way for me to cook with that torticollis) and it tasted like crap T_T Maybe my taste buds were affected as well. Usually their pitas taste great.

I'm also smittened by Tangled. Love the way Disney draw some characters and the part where Flynn says "I know not who you are nor how I found you" then "Hey ...hon.." (or something) is priceless. Just love his expression. I would say the characters expressions in general were really good even her fake mom.

I really need to update my inspiration board. Just realized that the main colour I am attracted to is blue..most hues of blue..

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