Thursday, April 21, 2011

So ipad is out of question for this year. I might wait for ipad 3 as well. If I was not going to China I would have purchased it without blinking but unfortunately there're other priorities. An average estimate for the trip is 3200 including tours and air tickets. We are going to Chengdu for a tour then 2 days cruise on the Yang Tse River and maybe 2 more days in Beijing. We'll see. I;m sure other costs will add up *le sight*

So instead of ipad 2, here comes Kindle 3! It is 1/3 the price of ipad 2 and since I was planning to use the ipad mainly for ebooks, the kindle will do for now. The downside is no colours but it has a nice selection of ebooks over other ereaders and managed to find a source of free ebooks so another reason too buy one. Reading ebooks on your macbook in bed is very uncomfortable.

The reason why I am moving to ebooks is due to the lack of space. I have 5 books boxes back in Mauritius and 3 in Canada plus a bookshelf. Some books are duplicates as they are second hand books purchased to replace the ones I left home. Yes I am one of these people who can read the same book over and over again and I do have a pile of favourite authors that I am never fed up of reading and rereading .

I still love the feel and smell of paper books but need something more practical for my current life style which at this point is "less is more". I guess it'll also help to reduce my waste footprint as long as i don't change ereader every year! can't wait for amazon delivers it.

Jeez head hurts. Happy Easter to everyone although for me it's working day :/

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