Tuesday, January 31, 2012

random thoughts

finished reading American dervish and i'll admit i found the book a bit disturbing and the end left me with a taste of "not enough". This book had a lot of potential but it did lacked character growth and one thing that puzzles me w/ books in general about muslims is that they are rarely portrayed in an advantageous light or maybe it's because I always come across books that describes the negative side of islam than the positive especially with the degrading treatment of women. Reading about the Shafia's case in the newspaper does not help either. The book is not bad. It started well for me but the end was like..blehhh...

It just makes me wonder if there are regular muslims out there, meaning a guy who is not a fanatic of the religion, treats woman decently etc..

There are bigots in every religion and one thing that breaks my heart is woman's status. I don't understand how it can be taken for granted that women are impure or damned because of their monthly periods or because she ate the apple... I am really surprise when some people talk as if women deserve all the suffering (pms, birth pain etc..) because she ate the apple. Hello???? Even for the periods, should we remind them that it is from the woman's impure blood that they were f****g borne? How can people blindly believe such spin up tales in order to justify woman's abuse. Do they think women chose to be the one to bear the child and go though 9 months of danger and child birth pain-which NO man will ever know how it hurts even if they get hit in their nuts!!?- or that any being choose to be borne a woman to be stigmatized if she has the misfortune of being in the wrong culture?

I don't understand how across the globes, the patriarch culture is what dominates and often women are just commodities. I would agree though that woman's status today is better than before and I am glad I was not borne earlier but still I did suffer light woman stigma like dad saying how I am lucky I was sent to university as the eldest although I'm a "girl" and my mother expecting me to do domestic house chores while my brothers and dad just sit and relax or get married asap. Woman is still a commodity in porn culture where she is the submissive bitch craving for c**k, and even in the media where she has to be photoshopperfect ornamenting herself w/ fake stuffs like a Christmas tree else she is ugly. I wonder if people know what is the very essence of being a woman..Maybe women will always be "the other" as per Simone de Beauvoir.

Seriously being asexual would have been sooo much more convenient. no label and no expectation. It gets on my nerves when people make fun of me because I refuse to be the domesticated girl. I'm sorry, unless they can prove scientifically that only women possess the gene for housechores, cooking and babysitting men, I refuse to follow the crowd. It's just an excuse for man's laziness. they want to eat? they can help..even if it's doing the dishes or cleaning the house.

Being in Canada is enlightening because you come across opinions that leave you speechless, not because they are bad but simply I cannot understand how can people think like that...

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