Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ah gossips

After the initial surprise, shock and speculations, I came to the conclusion: who give a damn? Whatever you do or say people will always criticize or condemn.

However what I find scary is when many women get together only to bitch, rant and gossip. The worse? The same person who could be smiling and be super friendly with you infront of everyone, is whispering/making fun about you in your back. It's like a group of hens clucking together and women in groups can be so unforgiving. Seriously some days at work makes me think of high school and it does not bother me to be the last person in the know or not to know current news. as long as it's not related to my job, i don't really care.

I learned to stay away from some people after seeing how they were gossiping negatively about someone with whom they were supposed to be best buddies. Can't people talk about general matters? In general men tend to talk about general stuffs or work related while women it's always about them or somebody else they hate or dislike..women thrive in spitting their envy or jealousy of other people..no wonder medusa had a woman's face.

I was surprised and glad to hear one co-worker saying she liked talking to me because I don't ask her personal questions. I find it rude to go to someone i just met and ask questions like: are you married, you have how many kids, are you dating etc.. Maybe that's just me. you get these answers in conversations naturally when you get to know someone better because people will always mention their kids, husbands once the conversations start to flow.

I did not appreciate how for my brother's wedding, one girl wanted to know how much he paid for his wedding, if he paid my flight tkts etc..the same person asked me if i was dating when we first started speaking. often she tries to convince me that now is the time to be in a relationship, get married and have kids..?!?!?!?! helllo??

maybe I think differently and I'm more private than some who go and tell to whoever who want to listen to them on the floor about their bad relationship etc.. I do understand we all want attention, want to be liked and when you listen to people telling you about their personal life, it's like you're being a confident but at the end of the day, the whole floor knows it..and it's work..not your therapist office.

the day the management decides to fire you, do you think your so called best friend co-worker will come forward and defend you? do you think your manager with whom you're buddy buddy will come to apologize? no. what they do is; they let you pick up your stuffs and escort you to the door. period.

maybe i'm cynical .i learned to protect my back since high school from nasty people and to trust my intuition about people because often it hurts more than it is worth it. i'm not looking to be Miss popular nor be loved. I'm just looking for respect and be on neutral grounds. i mind my business.

it's just all too deja vu like when I was working at mcb: different countries, same people and same personalities.

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