Monday, February 20, 2012

this girl who asked me all these rude questions about my brother's wedding is getting on my nerves. next time i'll punch her. today i was telling her how my cousin is getting married to a muslim guy (my intention was to say i am going home) and for some reason she brought the subject back to me. she's so annoying with her do this and that. i'm not asking you for advice and stop making conclusions or judging. *roll eyes* ask your parents to find you a boy and mind your own business.

i need fresh air. i realized i no longer like what i am doing and some people just make work a drag. To spend 90% of my time there is killing me. it's no longer fun nor interesting as it used to be and management operations is becoming so bitchy. i spend every afternoon dozing because i'm exhausted.

i also came to the conclusion that 99% taxi drivers from all star taxi are frauds-or any taxi company that is. they always keep the change for themselves and one even had the guts to ask me how much i wanted back..hello??? i had everything from the driver who took the longest route on purpose to make more money and one who tried to convince me we called his company when it was not. they take it for granted that spare change is theirs and this is what irks me the most, just like people expecting you to tip them just because they serve you. I'm working on ways to have exact change from now one as some even keep> $1 for them. since when do taxis expect tip as well?

I do think tipping and spare change is being taken for granted in this country. I even had some cashiers bitching at a dim sum restaurant because they thought the tip was too low *snort* the service was bad and we still need to give them free money?? what crazy world is this becoming?

did pilates for 2 days and now my body hurts..*sigh*

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