Monday, April 23, 2012

blood on the floor

there's a lot of blood in the street next to my condo. car accident? A driver from a black? car was taken by the police and there's a pool of blood infront of a white car..ouch..

just checked the news: a woman was hit infront of the could they not have seen her?? i wonder if they'll wash away the blood...

It makes me think of the day when i witnessed 2 cars crashing infront of my bus. Give it only 1 minute and we would have been in it as well. I saw the car bumpers flying, the oil tank in the air, the car motor covers getting compressed and the drivers' expressions..At least no one was hurt.

It was impressive on the moment: like watching something from tv. Maybe it was the wrong feeling to have but i was in awe..

i have decided to be a good girl: i'll add pictures of china soon..and doc my trip

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