Sunday, April 1, 2012


I went to One of a kind craft show on friday and it always brings me great pleasure to move from vendors to vendors. I do envy those people who are able to live off their crafts instead of being a coorporate slave. I do understand it's not easy to be a self entrepreneur yet I do wish I had the stamina and talent to do the same. long live handmade and local craft!

 I snatched a tea towel, bucket tote and ceramic plate my favorite Toronto etsy store : bookhou ; a large fabric bucket and tea towel from jenna rose, a few ceramics items from ericam (need to find her link), cool letter press card from flakes paperie and some unmounted rubberstamps. I had a great time although there were some sellers from the christmas show who were not there and I wanted to get some items from them.

 I am also in love w/ this seller: Her bags are lovely in pictures and in person. Unfortunately I had no money w/ me-pay day is next week- so I could not grab her awesome bags :( they are made from recovered leather and wood. The craftmanship is really nice!!I hope she'll have some left from the show as she said she'll upload what is left on etsy. Else I can always try to grab some of her bags when I go to Montreal in May-June.I wanted to buy so many things but was short on funds :( I guess I have to save for December. L'atelier preybistere is another stop of mine in Montreal. They were at the show but I did not buy anything since I am going to Montreal. i can't wait to get my hands on some vintage books, bagels, bread and cheese from Montreal.

 I <3 vintage and this is what I'll decorate my house with. I love old houses with personality although they are probably more expensive to buy and maintain. When I listen to my relatives talk about their future condos, designer made please, marble counter and upgrade whatever the crap, I just disconnect myself. Sure I do love stainless steel appliances and marble counter (whatever) but I prefer a place of my own than have someone else imprint on it. A place where I can DIY and shape to my taste. I guess my dream house would be a mixture of vintage, rustic and cottage but minimalist as well: lots of light, white walls w/ colour accents and of course my collection of lavender plants and cactuses.

Appartment therapy has lovely samples of home deco by regular people for inspiration (ok it's true a lot of them are artist-ilustrators and even designers). we'll see what the future brings. I love old things because of their history and personality.

 I saw this survey somewhere: Why do you buy a TV? 20%-to watch tv shows, 80%-to have a background noise so that I feel less lonely. How true is that?

 This week my goal is to go to the ROM to see the Maya exhibit. Next goal: picasso at the ago and do the culham trail.I need to keep myself busy. I'm trying to get into visual journaling again. I did one page with mist inks, japanese papers, machine stitches and the word accept. I want to write the serenity prayer somewhere. will upload when the page is complete. I need more art in my life and a meaning..

PS Gibli studio movies are so dreamy..

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