Thursday, May 17, 2012

my brain hurts and my tolerance for human stupidity rubbed thin... the corporate world is making me resent every minute of my life..

i need to run away..i need to find solace far away from this capitalist world.

what those past days taught me: humans fall mainly into one category., the "me" category where it's all about getting attention, being popular/liked, and about hypocrisy (a few literally stink of it, like some pungent odor that clings to their skin and cannot be get rid of how often they wash themselves) and it's nothing new

i have to get out of here fast. it's either that or my sanity. i have done a decent job of disconnecting myself from these toxic factors but there are days where i am like how can people be like that?? and their game is one i don't want to play.

the girl with her you-have-to-get-married argument made a come back. at one point i was wondering if she was trying to insult me with "ask your parents to find a boy for you. now it's a good time to get married because you know you are not.."

i am not what?? (don't get me started on that) and it all started when i told her my sister in law is getting her pr visa. i have no issues that my younger brothers are married before me. it's not a rat race. funny thing is that she is single too so she should worry about herself first than the stranger that i am..ah people...they're weird...

i knew i was never meant to be a social creature. god have you forsaken me?? *note the sarcasm please..

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