Thursday, December 9, 2010

random thoughts

So we are done with moving and I've like 5% left to unpack. I still don't have a bed, I'm sleeping on a fold out be don the floor but it's not working for my back/neck. I'll take my brother's bed as he's leaving for Mauritius tomorrow. So far no tv, no furnitures in the living room and I quite like it that way until my cousin comes and brings all her furnitures and stuffs. She brought her kitchenwares for us to use and it made me realize how easy it is to overdo it..She has like zillion of pots and pans for one person. easily 15 pots and pans, and many more dishes. I unpacked only some of her boxes so I could use her items. But jeezz..that many. I realize that I don't want to carry around that many of one item. In uni I had a frying pan, 2 higher rim pan and a chinese wok and pressure cooker. At most I think I'll get 2 frying pans of different sizes but 15 cooking pots/pans..gosh NO WAY especially that I am not a great cook.

The song "The way you are" has been running in my head since I heard it on Glee. Thanks glee for making me discover cute songs. Bruno Mars is a cutie and I love the way he looks at the girl although I found her overdone with makeup for the lyrics of the songs. It reminds me of JGZ. It's sad how it's only when people say/sing it that I realize I had it all the way, like what you never enjoy what you have until you realize it from someone else perspective. I miss him.

I love my apartment. I need to take pictures-it's very empty and the view from our balcony. We see many lights at night and on the East side I can see Toronto-woohoo. It feels waaaaaaaaay better than where I was and living in a condo makes you feel less alone. I'm just sad my brother is leaving tomorrow. Now I need to get doing some art. It's been a tiring week and the cherry on the cake was my time of the month with its cramps. Now I've a sprained knee, low back pains thanks to moving and running around by missing buses

well..let's enjoy life what else can I say?

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  1. Well even if you're a fabulous cook you may not need that many pots and pans.

    We have one large pan, one smaller pan, one small pot, one larger pot and a Le Creuset for braising.

    Then add a rice cooker, colander (strainer) and that's all you really need.