Tuesday, May 3, 2011


by Tangled..and buying the dvd..something VERY rare for me when it comes to movies. Waiting for the Winnie the Pooh movie as well. I'm still a kid at heart and miss classic disney. Glee last week was sweet: loved unpretty by Rachel & Quin and Somewhere Only We belong. I am embarrassed to say that I discover songs through Glee as I've stopped watching TV and listening to the radio (except to wake up but it's on the classic music channel. Honestly who wants to wake up with some teeny bopper screaming. Last time I woke up with "Lakme flowers duet" and it was OMG so delicious *sigh*)

I'm also addicted to keane now. Makes me think of a mix of radiohead (less depressing) and Muse. Must be the british accent?

I feel melancholic, not in depressing way, just some kind of longing for something I don't know..
When I watch the night lights of distant houses/condos, I wonder if the people out there, is someone loving them, thinking of them? My hand against the cold glass, my eyes lost in the dark.

I've always been attracted to house's light like moths to flames. I like gazing at house windows as the bus passes when I have night shifts. I am happy when I see people's silhouettes. It's not voyeurism as honestly I don't give a damn about spying on people, it's just the thought of knowing there's someone there or something.. As usual my words are failing me as I am unable to communicate my thoughts accurately.

Maybe I just feel lonely although I know living with too many people is draining as well. I enjoy people: listening to them, "feel" them, observe them but interacting is altogether another story..

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