Tuesday, August 30, 2011

getting ready

almost..for my trip. the only part of the word"ready" i am ready for are my travel docs..need to get my camera batteries, test my tamron 28-75 mm more and what else? oh..I forgot..I need to buy wedding clothes..Damn..At least I have the shoes???

I'm making a care package for my sister in law. I have no clue what to give to her and I'm too broke to buy anything expensive like jewellery. I'm putting together some body lotion, body wash, scented candles, face masks, lip gloss and will add a body mist and some candies with a note that these are goodies to take care of herself until we meet in Canada. Then when she comes here I'll most probably take her shopping.

I got most of my items from Bath and Body works. I don't think they carry it in Beijing. Although I'm not a bath and body works consumer except for their Slatkin & Co candles, I think they have such a variety that anyone will find something to their liking. Unlike the body shop and fruit and passion, their scents are yummier. We will see as I know some people love their products-pretty affordable. I also discovered their arometherapy line and the next item on my list is their Lavender-Vanilla bed mist.

My sister in law Z is the "pink cutesy hello kitty" style..like most asian girls from china-japan so I think these products will suit her. I'm trying to make it pink and maybe add a cute plush-key ring. Hmm I know might as well add some Canadian items to give her a foretaste of canada :P This will be when I get my next paycheck..sadly..

I'm exhausted lately and need to recharge myself. Today I had a customer who used the fword during the whole call and I should have asked her to stop but I did not want to bother. My brain was brain dead (imagine the horizontal line on the wave screen) and her words slid on me like water. Just managed to get all her info to get her claim package sent out. Seriously why bother..The week-end was hell due to the weather: Irene oh Irene :/

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