Wednesday, August 17, 2011

oh what a day is today

unfortunately I cannot sing like Ingrid Michealson. I got hit by a man in a motorized wheelchair yelling at me if I am fucking deaf o.O; For my own defence, I had my earphones on with Linkin Park playing. I did hear honking but the LAST thing I would have expected is someone BEHIND me honking. Actually I hit him when I was turning back to see who was honking in the street. Jeezus. I hope this closes the day because if there's more to come, let me know so that I can go to bed.

Many things happened since yesterday with my brother's visa, cranky uncle and of course cranky customers that is making me hate who I am. Like Shakespeare said so well: When sorrows come they come not in single spies but in battlions. *puh confidence..confidence..act and stop reacting to external stimuli!!

I need a good book to escape into and a good night sleep. The rest of the world can screw itself.

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