Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shanghai here I come

Itinerary changed from Chengdhu to Shanghai and you bet it breaks my heart. I wanted to see the leshan buddha so bad and the jigaizuh park (sorry about the bad spelling). So we won't see 2 unesco sites and go to Shanghai instead *shrug* because of the floods, whatever happening in Chengdhu sh*t

The good side? The tour is costing less. I'm trying to focus on the positive side. My initial plan was to return earlier to Canada and go to Montreal, but then decided to stick to the tour instead of being bitter about the change in plan. I see Shanghai as another Toronto but filled with Chinese. Who knows I might be surprised?

I finally purchased the tamron 28-75 mm lens. As per the reviews, it's a good macro and zoom lens. I hope to have time to play with it before leaving as it has been purchased from a Canadian ebay seller and lens are so freaking expensive.

I've also been walking with a colleague almost every afternoon-good to get some exercise- and I learned some surprising things about some gossips :P but then who am I to judge these people anyway. Still I was like "what???? are you KIDDING me??" What I heard does not match the face at all :-0

I'm so tired (I wonder if there is a time where I am NOT tired?) and have a long champs pliage bag obsessions despite owning 4 of them ><;

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