Thursday, November 19, 2009

i am still debating whether I should go to work this Saturday or not. There's so much to do and more is being added. Either I sacrifice my Saturday or it's a week day overtime until 7pm. I'm exhausted though and any option looks unattractive. Gosh I am definitely quitting in January and I hope that I won't suffer from latent burn out/depression, after just like my aunt who was KO for 4 months when she left hers. The workplace is becoming hell, and if you're efficient/productive, they pile more on you and it's just a never ending cycle. I need to reclaim my life!

My right arm is painful from the chest area onwards. Maybe I sprained a muscle and lifting my arm hurts. It's frustrating because the pain is from inside and I've no clue what is wrong. It has been like that since this afternoon. oh well at least I can comfort myself with the fact that today is friday and payday is next wednesday *sigh*

got also a new pair of birkis! I <3 birkis, if my bf was like:"chérie, allons faire le tour de l'ile à pieds" I would reply without hesitation "oui! avec plaisir mon amour!" as long as I got to wear my birkis sandals :P birkis are so comfortable that you could walk for hours and not feel it! I swear my life changed when I bought my first pair and now I am a believer! so it's worth the price tag and nevermind if they're less fashionable.

I also jumped into the art journaling bandwagon. so far i'm creating only unfilled pages as I am unable to write and create at the same time. I hope it's not the artist's fear out of perfection or spoiling the page. I've also been trying zetti pages and it's fun :) more to go!

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