Thursday, November 26, 2009

office party

Today i went to buy my clothes for the office party. The theme is black and white with no indications whether it's chic or casual so I am going the casual way; white pants and a long black top. Now my dilemma are the shoes. i am so perfectionist/obsessive that I could make myself sick. I am one of those people for whom everything must be perfect and most of the time I worry myself to death for nothing because in the end this expectation is for me and not the others who're content with whatever you give them. I remember how one day I did not do the calligraphy lettering for my supervisor's card because I felt it was not good enough. In the end someone else did it (more of a scribble) and everyone was content. like what I should lower my own standards. *sigh* i should relax about this's just for fun, it's not like everyone is going to scrutinize me or something. i always feel that everyone else looks great except me..speaking of self confidence eh? puh.

oh well. As I went to Equateur (one of my favorite stores except for the price tag) today, I saw an advertisement for a traveling company. It was so cool. i have to go through an underground way that leads to the other side and they arranged it so that it looked like the entrance of a french metro on one side and on the other, a london one. Inside the underground they had maps of the parisian metro and london ones plus posters of the company with something "making europe closer" It made me so nostalgic to look at the parisian metro map and familiar names like "lena", "l'etoile", "chatelet les halles", etc.. My first glimpse of paris was via the metro and RER. I miss Paris and I am definitely going back. I want to go to the stalls next to Notre Dame and go through the books. Last time I was too shy to do so and bought only a few vintage pin up/ads postcards. Pere la chaise is another must go site-I'm in love with this cemetery and it's victorian feel-, Musee D'orsay and I have to see Marseilles and the site where Marie Antoinette was beheaded. 1 week was too short for me to visit all the museums and sites there. I have so many traveling plans and for now all I can do is dream.

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