Friday, August 13, 2010

Favourite Things Project

7. ways to relax

Sorry no pictures as each time I am adding them it's messing up my layout. need to see why this is happening.

My favourite way to relax is by reading a good book in a semi crowded place (think of your workplace canteen in the morning when people are grabbing coffees and lounging around but not as crowded as during lunch) which is actually what I've been doing since I started working. I can't deal with crowds and although I am a loner I like being in semi crowded places as long as I don't have to talk to anyone..I know it's weird. else reading at UofT library but not coffee shops as sometimes people are too loud there :(

When I was a teenager another way for me to relax was to go on my balcony, lie on the ramp (with a high risk of falling in my neighbour's garden!) and watch the starry sky-I knew most of the main constellations by heart. I'm sad that city lights prevent me from seeing the constellations here and I even missed the Leonids meteor shower, partly because I thought it was this evening instead of yesterday. Drat. It'll be for next year or in November.


I'm done with my second week of training and I must admit that I am tired.I guess partly because I lack sleep and had to leave the house at 7am everyday this week. I'm someone who needs 8 hours of sleep and until my body gets used to it, I'll remain tired and unfocused. My obsessive self is also afraid that my trainer does not like me because I am too quiet. I rarely join their conversations since I'm trying to follow and often I don't know what to say-excuses excuses I know. The downside of being an introvert and a loner. I always sabotage myself first. Oh well. I'm also done with my swaps! yeehah and bought a new phone. The Samsung Galaxy S. I <3>

I was shocked when I saw the amount of tax I am paying but that's life :<>

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