Saturday, August 14, 2010

oh rage et desespoire

well nothing is perfect. I just discovered that the samsung galaxy s is not compatible with Mac OS! well there's a way to get around the system but as usual, it's not working for me. At least I can transfer files via blue tooth so it should be ok since it'll be MP3. Still i love this phone as long as you've an internet connection. After zillion of tries I finally discovered how to answer calls..hahaha oh always learn new things right? I'm also in love with Lynday Barry. I will review her book tomorrow. Saturday is already over and what have I done? Nothing besides sleeping, eating and laundry. Since when have my days become so boring?

The BIG plus: loud ring tone (I'm hard of hearing) and loud vibrating option. At least I'll know when someone is calling! With my former phone, I would not even know when it vibrated since it was so weak.

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