Tuesday, August 24, 2010

saying hello

Now that I am working, I know how it feels not to have time to do anything-my unopened bills are piling on my desk, letters to be answered etc . My resolve is to stop napping when I come back from work as then I am unable to sleep at night! Nevermind if I am dead tired or not! Yesterday I received my "the non planner datebook" by keri smith which is exactly what I need.

It's cute although the price tag is high for such a small book. I paid like 22 USD with shipping from Amazon.com as it' not carried by Amazon.ca! Booo!

I love Keri Smith. She's inspiring in her own ways. I have "how to be an explorer of the world" back home, "this is not a book" and "wreck this journal". I like "wreck this journal" because it helps to let go although I have yet to wreck it as instructed. There are so many things I need to work on in my life especially letting go, be less obsessive and perfect. In a few words: embrace my imperfections without fear. I'm also digging this article from martawrites.com because it's something I can relate to whether at the writing or creative level (Have you ever surfed through flickr albums, blogs for inspirations, find yourself being amazed at others work and yet felt drained/overwhelmed once you have to work on yours? A feeling of not being good enough although you went to those sites to be inspired and was inspired but still felt that your own work was not at the level you saw and unconsciously wanted to achieve?). In order to find my voice I need to stop looking at others because sooner or later I end up comparing myself to them.

I jumped into the rainbow books bandwagon-I've no clue how it's called: you simply arranged your books by colours! You can see some of my books there. I still have others on the side (hidden) and more books in the basement. I am ashamed to say that 90% of the books you see there have been bought within the past 4 months I've been in Canada (do the maths). I'm trying to buy second hand as much as I can from ebay (this seller awesomeusa is awesome. Books are as cheap as 2.99, shipping 1.99 and well most are hardcovers but who cares) and from BWM which sells books good as new. Last time I spend 33 bucks there for 5 books which would have cost me twice as much at Chapters or World Biggest bookstore. The books were in very good condition as well, just a mark at the bottom to indicate it's not new or something.

I'm in a Neil Gaiman mood lately. I also tried to organize my nail polishes by colour (although I can't wear the flashy ones to work) and you can see my moomin mugs and tea boxes-I've 5 tea boxes: jasmine tea, green tea, gunpowder tea, oolong, litchi black, etc.. I 've no clue when I'll be able to finish them all but I like to enjoy different tea according to my moods. I have also been working in my journal and hopefully if time allows it I'm making another scrap journal which I'll use as a "soul" journal or motivational one. I already have a few cards with quotes I'll love to integrate in it.

This past days weather has been setting the mood for the incoming fall. I am not ready for the cold and I am not too keen on gray days. If it rains that's still fine but gray cloudy days..no no. Soon I'll have to get a coat and winter clothes..ugh.. MORE expenses!

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  1. Moomin mugs! However did you manage to find those, can you buy them in Canada? I have the same pink and blue ones, and a bunch of others as well - I love Moomin mugs!

    No, no cards yet, but mail has been somewhat erratic lately... I´m sure they´ll be here any day!