Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've been terribly busy with work and a bit depressed as well. Will seize the incoming week-end to do some art. I'm also trying to set up a budget in order to save. It's not easy. On Saturday, I went downtown and realised how much I missed the city buzz and the easy access to everything. I'm getting used to Mississauga but nothing can beat living in the city where you can walk to the closest supermarket/shop versus taking the bus for everything.

Readapting to Canada is challenging because of the language barrier. Yes I can say I lived there for 5 years but after 4 years in Mauritius I forgot how the Canadians talk and now I am in a job where I talk to ppl with different accents and bg, well understanding them is not easy and so often I want to give up but I need to make a living so I am crossing fingers, losing hair along the way but I'll keep going and persist even if it takes me more time than others to do the same thing.

I've been working on a soul journal filled with quotes to keep my motivation. It's all I can do for now. Saturday I got a haircut, went to my favourite second hand bookstore (the pic below is of my fave book store) and was surprised to see Yonge St closed due to Live green event in downtown.

Basically there were tents of companies selling "green" products, farmer's market and recycling etc.. The most crowded one was WWF where they were selling shirts and what not for $5. I went to have a look and ppl were more interested in the panda logo items than anything else. There were some interesting groups though but I did not stay long as I was too tired. My trip to downtown took 1.5 hrs instead of the usual 45 mins so no more trip there for me until the Gardiner Expressway is fully repaired! Last time I had to wait for over 2 hours due to congestion and it was really tiring.

I'm so exhausted. I guess mental stress is exhausting me more than the job itself.

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