Monday, January 24, 2011


youtube died? my blog is full of "cannot find link" for youtube video..weird

I finally had my hair cut..short and got weird stares today or maybe it was just my imagination..I still have the "out of bed" look except now my hair has some kind of shape versus no shape..I swear my hair has a mind of its own and hair stylists love my hair because it is tame. My hair stylist blow dried my hair and gave me a bob..saying she wanted to see how i look in straight hair and how my hair is great because it's so manageable. My stylist in mauritius said the same, they love my hair because it's easy to style and will yield easily to the hair drier etc.. I dislike my hair, it's wavy, i can't do much with it and my hair is fine so any styling products is a big no no no if i don't want to end up with flat hair. The good side is that if I want a messy look i just put some water, shuffle my hair and taaadddaaaaaaa the style will stay as long as my hair is layered and short..if it's long and I tied it it'll curl at the end..go figure..Chop stick straight hair is more easy to live with as I am a minimalist when it comes to my hair: wash, cond and treat if needs styling product, no blow dried, no curler-straightener although i do own hair accessory as well because I am too lazy to do anything..

Hmm I am dreaming of a rib tattoo..maybe of birds taking flight or tribal bird..I need to know if the rib is a good spot because with my weight loss and gain my skin stretches. My biggest tattoo related dream though is on the back and curling over to the hip. i'm obsessed. the skin is such an interesting canvas. I also saw that industrial piercing can be done for 80 dollars which is nice compared to 150 in some places..dunno..I really want the birds one on the rib or hip-back area. Often i can't help thinking how my taste clashes with the way i look: outside i am very prim and proper..classic minimalist in the way i dress while my inner taste ranges to more extreme like ebm, tats-piercing,industrial music, leather accessories like studded bands and i love emb fashion with fetish, corsets, lace, leather..on other people especially women :P Do I need to unleash my inner me?

I finally received my books by Simone de Beauvoir "Le deuxieme sex i and ii" so off I go for some good reading.

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