Monday, January 31, 2011

almost there

March will be the last month I am paying the rent for my brother. I'm almost there and will have some more flexibility for saving. I will still owe him 600 but that's easily solved with a biweekly 100 transfer instead of having 1/2 of my salary down in rent. Still it gives me an idea of how it'll be if I move to somewhere with a higher rent or on my own. Then I'll have more time to pay back most of my cc and save.

I've not been controlling myself as I should in January resulting to low income and living on biweekly pay check. I need to change my attitude towards shopping. I went overboard with clothing-discovered the outlets in Heartland- and Sephora, my latest purchase being the pricey Caudalie radiance serum . I'm still on the look out for THE holy grail serum to improve my skin condition esp acne marks without giving me massive blackheads. MB Vit C made my skin brighter but gave me massive blackheads. I'm also using the glycolic gel from Peter Roth. It sucks to be close to your thirties and still have the skin of a pimply teenager *sigh I can't even fake great skin with a concealer-foundation as my skin is not smooth enough.

Tomorrow I'm convincing myself to go to the gym for my combat class. The last time I stepped into the gym was in September??? I'm not heading there to lose weight, but mainly to tire my body with intense 1 hour sport and get rid of shoulder and neck tension. I really need that because exercising infront of my pc is not as intense as in a class. I need an outlet to remove all the accumulated stress and toxins from the past week. Staying at home,dozing is not helping my back nor my sleep. Let's hope tomorrow will still be sunny.

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