Thursday, January 27, 2011

CIBC sucks

I cancelled my cc since september and they have to give me back my deposit of 500 cnd. Since then no news although I called 4 times. Today the agent told me for some unknown reason my cancellation letter was forwarded to the wrong dept and they closed my account but kept the money. They will look further into the matter and there's no time frame. I'm calling back in 3 weeks. My address was not updated as well although I did for my account.

I've been having crappy service since I opened my account with CIBC which is the reason why I removed all my funds and cancelled my cc. Now I am waiting for my deposit in order to close my account. It was opened under the new immigrant package and the csr was so eager to sell the products that she forgot to set my account in the correct category and I ended paying fees which they reversed back, now it's my cc. If my homeland bank was not working with CIBC I would have never opened an account there. I did it because transfers are faster..My bad.. So far the best service I had was with BMO.

Oh well as much as I understand the pressure to sell products, it'll help if they do it correctly.

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