Monday, January 10, 2011


if I survive this job, I'll be invincible. I swear. busy seasons're killers.

On Sunday I spotted a coyote around the heartland-meadowvale area. it was a shortly after dawn.. my first concern was that it was walking near the highway- with something that looked like a sausage in its mouth- and i was worried it could get hit by a car. At first I thought it was a stray dog but have anyone heard of stray dog in canada?? the tail was also too bushy and the coat too light to be a german sheppard, i thought maybe a fox but then are foxes grey?? I ended up googling and found out it had the highest probability to be a coyote as they can be seen running next to highways (relieved me a bit), or where they can get food.Coyote can also be spotted at dawn or dusk and are fearful of humans.

The one thing I love with Canada is the urban jungle. I find it awesome when i can spot a racoon, a deer, a chipmunk, a chickadee, a blue jay etc..Oh my connecting bus stop is also close to the hunting ground of some hawks. I spotted 3 birds, one looked like a falcon/red tail hawk and 2 turkey vultures? I'm not sure as they were a bit far away but the other two birds head looked bald..I do spot the falcon/hawk one quite regularly. AWESOME. just like the day there was a line of canadian geese crossing the road at a red light. It was so funny because it looked like a line of prim and proper school kids. AWESOME.And spotting a red cardinal next to the Earth Science centre in UofT. I even spotted a budgie at Square One, most probably an escapee from a pet shop or owner's cage.I hope it is still doing ok in winter.

I do think it is sad how we are encroaching the wild animals territories leaving them no passage/corridors to move in between. I cringe when I see huge bill boards next to wild land saying "office to lease for 2012" or something. Mississauga is cool. I love the Meadowvale village and it definitely has some nice parks. Hopefully when I'll get a car, I'll be able to go on exploring! i've been trying to force myself to do things I enjoy instead of staring at my pc screen like a zombie when i am not reading insurance policies

I finally took the courage to sign up for remains of the day class, purchased a sewing machine-i know i am crazy-and need to find time to learn sewing and even knitting! i will be more creative this year instead of wanting to be more creative!!

note to self: go to high park in spring to see the cherry blossoms!

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