Wednesday, May 18, 2011

song of the lonely duck

It seems that each time I am off work, it's to be down with migraine..

I went to High Park to see the sakuras and spotted 1 swan, 3 cardinals, 2 chipmunks, lots red wing blackbirds and their females, canadian gooses, some ducks and too many homo sapiens. ugh..

I thought I would escape the week-end crowd by going during the week: WRONG. If it's not the locals, it's the tourists and weirdly it was asian nation in high park last Tuesday :/ I'm Asian as well but one thing that irked me was how noisy these people are in general. Here you are: walking quietly along a path, savouring the silence and the wind in the trees, then BANG..this peaceful picture is shattered as a group of 4 people walked by talking loudly in their language (I came to accept that talking loudly is part of the chinese culture but jeezzz...) 3 times I missed taking pictures of birds as some loud person passed by causing my photo subject to fly away. One woman was yelling at a swan :hello hello... then byeeeeeeee... *roll eyes*

The sakuras were beautiful and this couple too:

My point and shoot camera batteries died on me and I managed to play with my dsl although my pictures were not that great-colors are off on my macbook pro- and I forgot the user manual at home. Hehehe

My favourite spot was next to the lonely goose: less people although too close to the highway. I definitely need to go back in the incoming week. I assume once the sakuras blooms have fallen, less people will be there.

Another park I want to visit is Rouge Park although it's 2 hours by bus from where I am and much bigger than Highpark. Let's hope I won't get lost. I felt energized after 3 hours in High Park. My mind had a deserved rest from the street noise, appliances buzz etc in the condo. I need to find closer parks though..maybe the Meadowvale conservation area???

Jeez my head hurts..Started exercising again which is good to get rid of tension caused by stress. 7 days of rain in Mississauga. How interesting.

I <3 my kindle and my cheese order from L'Abbaye St Benoit. So delicious! I got my order within 2 days and I love their St Augustin cheese. Maybe I should order a whole cheese...I should live in Quebec..seriously..their bread, cheese, pate and charcuterie are above those in Toronto-Mississauga..

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