Wednesday, May 25, 2011

trip to china

My trip to China is slowly taking shape and I am crossing fingers for my vacation to be approved-will know next wednesday- and get an affordable quotation from the agent in China. So far the itinerary includes Tian Jin where my brother's wedding will take place, Chendghu-to go to Leshan Mt and Buddha, Mount Emei and Huanglong-Jiuzhaigou and Datong-hanging monastery and Yungang grottos.

So far the pictures I have seen are really nice and lots of hiking and nature which is something I really need. Once my vacations are confirmed and the trip, I'm planning to purchase either a Teva Omnium or Keen hiking sandals. I tried the keen whisper model today and it was so comfortable. They have a soft-flexible heel as my Arcpro birkinstock sandals and are closed but with mesh adding more protection to the foot. The sole also looks good enough not to slip. I do love my Arcpro but need something that is closed. I'm also thinking of travelling light, that is not bring a suitcase. I'm not planning to buy much in china, maybe tea and souvenirs and don't want to carry a 23 kilos suitcase from train to bus to train to airplane.

I'm also saving to buy a zoom lens for my canon dslr. will get a third party one: Tamron since I can't afford a canon one. I'm not good enough to handle pro lenses anyway. woohoo let's hope next week will be a good week. My brother is also coming back on the 4th. June.

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