Thursday, June 9, 2011

life set back ad annoyances

So I took 2 days off work only to be waiting for a mattress and having people get on my nerves. In the end, it's frustrating to live in a condo. I'm also looking for a family doctor. My cousin referred me to hers but he's closing down due to family/personal issues. Although healthcare is "free" it is such a complicated and tedious system.

I had a rant about my mattress but blogger was down so I am calmer now. I could not get my mattress due to a moron at the front desk giving me the wrong info. So mattress is scheduled to be delivered for today. What pisses me off is that I waited for 6 hrs for the delivery and in the end, I had to pay $75 for timed delivery as the slot I was given and elevator slots were not matching. That's life. Maybe I've been given too many things when I was a kid so that I am easily frustrated by things. I had reasons to be mad for the mattress though because I was given the wrong info TWICE: on the phone and when I went to the desk.

I missed my taebo class as well (was on the phone waiting for sears to reschedule which they could do after 7 hrs..) Seriously. At least my current job enables me to learn how to be a bitchy customer on the phone. I'm usually the passive-agressive type but now I am learning how to be more vocal when pissed because if customers are willing to make your life miserable because of a company, well why can't I? especially if it is justified..

Jeez should get all my frustration out doing combat classes than bitch..seriously :(

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