Thursday, June 30, 2011

I have fallen behind in my creative endeavours. It has been weeks since I touched my journal and I have a few trades to complete *sigh* I need motivation, inspiration and sleep! Today I had a 6 am shift and slept for 4 hrs. Stress? I like early morning shifts: to be able to gaze at the sky, the sunrise, quietness of the streets and the few lights from houses/condos, the smell of sleep on people-not pleasant and yummy scent of coffee.

Most wild life are active at dusk or dawn. I did not spot any deers this time but saw a wild rabbit crossing old derry road before the bus. Thanks god it was not run over. Saw a wood pecker as well and a few birds I rarely see during the day.

Also went to see the dentist and had an unpleasant surprise. I do acknowledge it is my fault for having skipped my annual dental exam those past years (The dentist I loved passed away-he treated me since I was a kid- and since then my mother has been going to some shady dentist in china town. I dislike his service. He does teeth cleaning without gloves and jeez..icky) The damage: 6 cavities (sh*t!!!) and gum inflammation. The result: 3-4 future visits to the dentist for cavity fillings, deep cleaning and possibly pulling out my wisdom teeth. The only thought I had in mind was :my poor wallet.

I always thought I had good dental hygiene but apparently I am brushing and flossing the wrong way. Maybe the nightmares about my teeth falling out were premonitions. The dentist said I had some bone loss and all this time I thought some space was due to my wisdom teeth pushing my other teeth ><; shuck..I even mentioned that to the shady dentist who saw nothing wrong. This is so ironical given that I used to have teeth in top condition as per my dentist who passed away.

Jeezzz.. At least I can prevent the condition from worsening. I knew something was wrong when I started having tooth pain on my lower left side (first tooth pain since I lost my milk teeth!! I never had cavities before. I guess there's a beginning to everything or is it old age??). Today I called my dentist for an earlier appointment since the teeth are bothering me, it's painful on and off. I even skipped sushi dinner because of that! Co-workers planned a sushi dinner and because of the pain I decided not to go although I confirmed my presence-pain was not that bad on Monday.

The joy of teeth and I already know it will cost me $ 800 for my next appointment for filling and cleaning. At least I have insurance. It's all I can think about. The cavities are minor as per my dentist and there's not much work but still it'll be $ 902 for 6 teeth. I don't even want to think what it would cost for bigger cavities!

On the bright side, I got myself a fuji instax 25s. Yay for polaroid :) It'll make my art journalling more interesting. They're just too cute. I wished I was more asian. sometimes it looks fun to act fobby and make fish faces and v sign xD

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  1. They still make Polaroid cameras? How interesting...