Thursday, June 9, 2011

more mattress headache

Just got a call from sears delivery that they are coming in 20 mins. I was like WTF..My PAID delivery (had to pay for special time slot) is between 4-6 pm. I advised him that and he had the guts to tell me to just book the elevator. SCREW YOU. I did not pay $ 75 for special for you to come earlier because non special delivery are FREE. Do you think, I requested a special time slot because I was feeling generous and wanted to give 75 extra to your company??????

Called sears scheduling who are not aware of anything-says they don't do timed delivery, called the store, redirected to customer service who said they did put a notice and to call delivery. Now the lady on the phone from delivery said that the driver will try his best to accommodate my request. Try his best?? SCREW YOU. you better be there between 4- 6 pm because I have no booking for that damn elevator other times. I'm so pissed and frustrated. If my instructions are not followed, I'm so going to call sears and log a complaint for non respect of instruction and get my $ 75 back. Corporate companies SUCK dick: fast to take your money but slow to read instructions, deliver etc..

Gosh I am so not going to buy any mattress from them in the future. Next time I'm off to a smaller company with better service. The fact that I've been sleeping on a floor mattress for several days is doing nothing to improve my mood as well. jeez. Too bad there's no combat classes today :/ I'm wasting my vacation for a mattress.

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