Friday, June 24, 2011

My new schedule is in and it's not that bad. 7 am to 3 pm everyday, 2 days off in the week and all week-end. I grumbled because I did not have 2 days in a row off but let's see the good side: I work 2 days then off and 3 days then off. It makes the week shorter.
I sacrificed my week-ends to have early shifts, free afternoons. Not a bad deal and I doubt I'll trade with anyone. Enough said. I'm tired and trying to find back my motivation for doing my job. My May audit was good and my Q2 much better than Q1 but there's still a long way to go. It sucks..

I had my industrial/scaffold piercing done and so far so good. It hurts.. T_T When I told that to the boy (he googled industrial piercing), his only comment was "poor ear"..Lower back tattoo is next. What bothers is is that healing time is said to be 2 months as per the piercer but as per people who were pierced, it is as long as a year since it's a cartilage piercing. I can't remember how long it took for my right ear and one hole heals faster than 2 holes hold by a barbell.

I like it although right now it's a bit swollen, red and painful which is normal within the few days- weeks after the piercing. If it was not that painful, I would have love to have a cage or a rook but I don't want to go through the piercing pain again. You DO feel it when they pierce the cartilage and since it's hard, they have to apply pressure and it's like when you push a needle through hard leather. I could feel the needle pushing the "meat". Hurts more than getting your ear lobes done. Yikes..

Mary Poppins is coming to Toronto as a musical show. It's amongst my favourite Disney movies so you bet I have to see it. I won't do the same error as with Tim Burton where I waited the last minute and never went to see the expo. I feel so bad about it.

I have been stuffing myself with "O fortuna" by Carl Off and songs by Era. Latin is sexy. To understand the translated words of O fortuna make the song even sweeter. The boy does not understand why I want to learn a dead language. Latin reminds me of biology courses where my teacher would translate the different names, origins and roots. Understanding them was like having a "aha!" moment. I think it's cool to be able to understand some texts in their original language since so much can be lost in translation.

Been also stuffing myself with books by Richard Dawkins. There's a passage where he mentioned how knowing the origin/cause of something did not decrease its value but increased our sense of wonder which is something I always thought and could relate to e.g. knowing that a rainbow is made by the reflection of light on raindrops etc. does nothing to change my sense of wonder on seeing a rainbow.

Some people think science is cold and materialist but wait until you listen to a scientist speak about the beauty of science. My chemistry teacher was like that, speaking of the beauty of chemical reactions, of chemical bonds etc.. which is weird because beauty is not a word you would associate with science especially at the molecular level. I can still remember her expression perfectly: a smile and twinkling eyes as she described the reactions and energy changes involved.

It's the same beauty I see in Biology, the beauty how everything fits perfectly although there is no designer, the amazing process of evolution etc. Last time I was coming from Tim Horton and saw 2 hawks gliding over our office building. It was amazing to see how they glide in the sky, this easiness and the shape of their wings. They were like kites. No wonder birds look "free" to us when they fly.

I should stop rambling..

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