Thursday, May 27, 2010

already summer?

The heat is crazy in Toronto. We have temperatures as high as 30 degrees celcius and it makes me long for the beach and some yummy fruit cocktail. Else it is the same thing: look for jobs, update resume (I am going bonkers by having too many version of my resume: admin, csr, call centre), sign up at recruiting agencies and crossing fingers for someone to call me?

A nasty trend I have noticed amongst recruiters is their bad habit of not returning calls after they called you, you missed it and called them again and left a message because you fell on the voice mail. I do understand they're busy interviewing people etc but this shows utter disrespect to the prospective candidate they want to recruit for a company. My best guess is that once you miss their call, it's over as they might have found someone else within the hours, hence they no longer need you and ignore any messages left etc. Frustrating but I guess that's the rules of the game:the recruiter' need results ie find a candidate , if they can't reach one, just too bad they surely have others lined up to call. On the other hand, I can't help thinking: do I want to work with that kind of recruiting agency? Does it mean I have to sit by the phone all day long in case I miss a call? This commodity attitude annoys me but I'm sure I'll get used to it. In the meanwhile I have to deal with my inner fears to get though the day.

I've been wondering about volunteering again, most probably with an environment based group in order to be able to go out. Staying within 4 walls is not helping me and my mind is overheating from thinking too much about the job situation. I am more exhausted from worries than my job search. I dream of the day where I'll have my own room and space. It gets on my sanity to have to share a room with my brother: bed, desk and in addition to have to clean up etc just because according to some "i've nothing to do". I hate this condescending attitude from those who think because they've a job, they can say whatever is on their mind and I hate even more the stereotype way of thinking where only women do the house chores while men just sit on the couch/infront of their pc when they come back from work and wait for food to be ready. Yes I am dealing badly with the fact that I have to live with relatives. I need to control change my attitude, be grateful that at least I have a roof over my head and food even if it makes my IBS worse.

I lived 5 years downtown, so living in the suburg won't kill me *wistful smile*

"God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference."

Tazim is having this pencil case as give away in June. I love the design. I am a sucker for anything bird silhouettes, flying birds against a cityscape, on a line etc. Other lovely designs can be seen at seaoats. I love etsy and if I were not jobless I would have shopped there. I need to restrain myself until I have some money in :C So you bet I'm going to try my luck at her give away ;P


  1. Hey thanks for posting this Cheryl - maybe no one else will enter and it can be yours!! :)
    I have noticed that employers are bad about returning calls, too - like I just called L'occitaine and left a message 3 days in a calls in return after I missed the initial call.

  2. yeah it's like they want you to live, breathe by the phone. but i'm learning not to take this too personally.