Sunday, May 30, 2010

it's all about attitude

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; Loving someone gives you courage" Lao Tzu

if something is not working, change your way of thinking. why waste time to do the same thing over and over again and accumulate the same mistakes <= random thought in my head. Currently I need two things: courage and patience and to learn to listen to my fears without letting them take over me.

I'm curious about Anais Nin. I read quite a few quotes by her and she looks like a striking person - in character. On Friday I went to the ROM to see this exhibit: Out of the Vaults-South African dinosaurs eggs and embryos and was pleasantly surprised to see that since it was open doors Toronto, the museum was free. yay! So i save 11 bucks :P It was nice to see the dinosaurs again and I managed to take a few pictures which I'll hopefully load later. My only disappointment was that the hall was too full of screaming kids and I could not enjoy everything without the flash of Asian tourists. The fossils are amazing as always and it makes me wander when I see the size of those reptiles..I did wish they had a larger section of the cambrian era but I guess since most creatures had a soft body, they could not get bones. I'm curious to see those amazing sea monsters they had, one that had an armour body..or maybe I miss it since the area was quite crowded and my aching feet did not want to linger too long.

I also had the opportunity to see House calls with my camera- I fell on it by chance- and one quotation struck me. It was along the line of how when you age, you become invisible to the people around you. A lot of the pictures were poignant and made me think of the pictures I saw in the "Science et Vie-La mort" magazine which dealt with death from different aspects (physical, spiritual, scientific etc..) I highly recommend this exhibit. Words cannot describe it, you need to feel it. The pictures were of senior people who could have been your grand pa, grand ma or even your parents or even you in the future. My favourite was about this couple: first picture showed her sitting side to side to her husband each in their chair. Both had medical conditions but looked like your average senior, then the last picture showed the woman only with a picture of her husband and her aged 13. She was still sitting in the chair where the first picture was taken and you could feel the emptiness of the other seat without her husband. Actually now I am thinking of it, it makes me think of the animation Up in the air. That woman met her hubbie at 13 years old, dated at 17 and then got married. Is not that cute? There were also some other pictures of a war veteran, a homeless guy and a woman who suffered from memory loss. Pictures of real people are always so much more poignant.

Due to the crowd and achy feet, I could not drag myself to the other floors. I saw the Biodiversity room, the mineral ones and then went back as it was getting late as well. I missed the bus and arrived at Mississauga at 21:46. These are times where I wished I lived DT just to be able to stay up late to see events because I don't feel at ease to walk in the desert streets that late in Mississauga. I'm definitely going back when they'll have the The warrior emperor and China terracotta army exhibition in June. I wished I could attend some of the presentations but they're rather expensive :/

My head feels itchy lately. I've no idea if it's the aircon, the weather or the water. I need to try natural remedies.

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