Tuesday, May 25, 2010

spring and the wait continues

Spring, almost summer is there. This is a welcomed change to the crazy weather I had when I first came: sunny days followed by drop in temperatures to 5 degrees, rain etc..There are so many things I want to do but I guess it'll have to wait for next summers once I get a job unless I get one soon. The wait is frustrating, waiting for the phone to ring. Sending an application each time is like having zillion of questions on my mind. Maybe in the end, I should simply relax although the lack of calls makes me think that my resume is not good enough etc..Jeez shut up brain. Sometimes I don't feel I am good enough even for simple jobs like cashiers etc.. *sigh* Breathe Cheryl and become more mindful because self pity is not going to make the quest go faster, nor make employers call. I guess the lack of control is what confused me and often I feel scared in my guts that I'll end up with nothing and be nothing after moving so far and starting over :/ Patience is something I definitely need to work on and to let things go instead of wanting to control and know what's next.

My nextback (what the heck i was thinking to write next..my "neck" was not even hurting me) hurts after a session of ta boe. It felt nice to exercise again after so long because I'm not really in the best of shape. I guess today pilates is the way to go due to my back pains. On the bright side, I finally received my Lil Sew and Sew machine. It's smaller than what I thought but it sews papers beautifully except I need to find a way to get around sewing larger pieces . This will do until I can afford a second hand fully functional sewing machine-I need the machine only for craft purposes so nothing fancy is required. I also managed to bind the pages I brought with me from Mauritius and worked on some on them although the lack of a proper table makes it hard to create.

I managed to put some order in my rubberstamps as well. The nice surprise was to get back all my magic ink rubberstamps. They have been waiting for me for 4 years in my aunt's basement! I still have a few from mauritius in Montreal (could not carry them in my luggage when I went there) and the pictures below show just the tip of the iceberg! I think I must have like 30 full A4 pages of unmounted stamps. Those left in canada still have to be mounted and the amount of cutting and sticking awaiting me is not the most pleasant *sigh* I'm also sad to hear that non sequiture was sold. It was sold to the same company that bought enchanted ink and now the prices are in Euro and much much more expensive since I used to buy mainly grab bags. I Still need MORE alphabets and got the hang at stamps carving :) I've been carving alphabets and I am still at letter G. It's hard to be honest esp. when you get to those pesky corners.

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