Sunday, May 30, 2010

already sunday

Already Sunday and I've been trying hard not to think about my job quest. My new rule is to make my job quest my full time job, so it's from 9:00-4:00 every working week day although I do cheat in between for lunch etc I'm back to Square One and starting over again. Since signing up with recruiting agencies is not bringing anything I'm planning to take on a more proactive approach: e-mail them and then call. I thank D and M for their insights and their encouraging comments. They're in the same basket as me and more hopeful. I also sign up for resume work shops and hopefully career counselling with someone at the YMCA? I don't think it'll necessary end me a job BUT at least I hope to gain by learning more about what I want as career,and what I am good at instead of scattering my energies everywhere and taking things as they come. I'll also give a try at retail although not necessarily a sales associates. Need to get over my fear of calling people or interacting as a whole (partly due to my hearing handicap). I'm crossing fingers and even if I listen to my fears, I won't let them take over me.

The past weeks have been hard. I guess it's because it's my first experience with rejection: applying for over 20 jobs and no replies, no news from recruiting agencies etc. Some days I even lose sleep because of this job quest, feeling anguished that I am not going anywhere and not even good to get jobs below my skills. My job quest is 1 month 2 weeks old and that seems like ages. But I'll keep my head high because I am not the only one there and won't be the last. Creating is also helping me although spending for art supplies much less :/

Last week, I went thrifting inspired by Malin's blog and found this wooden jewellery box at the Salvation Army shop. I could not resist and bought it. I'm planning to restore it and maybe paint the box white or something. Need to go through sites to find colour combos. It's so lovely and will look good to store supplies etc!

I also found this dictionary full of character. At first I wanted to rip the pages to be used for altered art but I'm going to keep it. The front pages have the names of the owners and it seems to me that the dictionary has been passed from generation to the next or something and is as old as 1945. The spine and cover is damaged and sure for 4.99 it was expensive but I bought it anyway. I do think some salvation army items are not that cheap for thrift and they should price items according to condition than catergories. All hard covers are 4.99, softcovers .99 cents and children books I think 2 dollars.

last page of the book: i'm scared, aren't you?

front page


Through this book I was reminded of those lost at my grand mother's place. There were LOTS of books from my uncles and mom's kids years, as far as 1930's. Some I used to scribble in them when I was a kid (who would not eh?) and lived at my grand parent's place. Books passed from brothers to sisters as people at that times could not afford to buy one book for each kid, same for clothes. Unfortunately my uncle threw away everything after my grand mother's death when he cleaned the attic. I was SO sad because I wanted to bring them with me: some to be used for altered art and some for keepsake. My grand parents house was a treasure of old stuffs. I was shocked when I went there after my uncle's wedding and saw the walls newly painted, furnitures changed and all my grand parents shelves cleaned. The house felt alien, naked and I realized that it was time to move on. The present belongs to the living and it broke my heart because it also meant the lost of a great part of my childhood (I lived with my grand parents until I left for secondary school). Now I want to try goodwill and value village for other thrift goods. I also spotted a lovely circus themed porcelain tea pot with a ballerina acrobat as the top cover holder. However her shoes where broken. I did not get it but might change my mind if it's still there on my next trip. Thrift shops inspire me although I can't bear the thought of wearing second hand clothes.

I'm working on various swaps this sunday. Almost done with the botanica and bords chunky pages, need to start on the sea ones and work more on malin's pages. Not having a table to put all my mess, handicaps me so much. I tried creating on the floor but it was hello back pains!

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