Monday, May 3, 2010


my back hurts from carrying around a backpack weighing surely 5 kilos, same for my arms tugging my 48 kilos carry on. Montreal went by too fast. I had a glimpse of the city, the softness of spring and got to meet one of the coolest person of this city:R. I do hope to see her again in my future trips there. The afternoon countryside is gorgeous: hues of orange, pink and violet. Unfortunately my camera is somewhere in my backpack under my seat so all I've is my crappy 3 pixels phone. Better than nothing. I am tired though and I miss Montreal. I guess why I like this city more is because it's smaller and older than Toronto. Montreal has more character despite being less "modern", apparently it's due to the city not getting enough funds.

Otherwise it's good to have some of my craft materials back with me, as it means playing time. I still have to make my job quest a full time "job". I don't know I need a break and some time to reconcile with reality.

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